Shareable graphics for the general election

Summary — we all (right/left/centrist, remain/leave) care about many similar things in life. The Conservatives will not give us those things. I’ve made some simple, shareable graphics and supporting articles, for social media posts, to try and help unite people of different stripes in voting against Tory policies.

If you don’t know how you should vote, but want to stop the Conservatives, consider voting tactically

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Here are the graphics and some supporting news stories. Feel free to distribute. I don’t need attribution. Below the graphics, is an article about why I’ve made them.

Download the full set here.

Helpful links:

The NHS budget and how it has changed (The King’s Fund)

Theresa May Accused Of Ignoring Students’ Fears Over University Tuition Fees (Huffington Post)

Brexit is making it even more difficult for UK firms struggling to find new staff (Business Insider)

Libraries lose a quarter of staff as hundreds close (BBC)

The disability benefit cuts Philip Hammond forgot to mention in Budget 2017 (New Statesman)

I made these because I’m tired

I’m tired of voting, and worrying about how other countries are voting. The Scottish independence referendum. The 2015 UK general election. Brexit. The US presidential election. The French election. And now another UK general election.

I’m tired of furious Twitter threads. Of memes. Of the snark. Of screengrabs of deleted tweets. Of filter bubbles. Of petitions. Of witty rebuffs and comments that offer a nanosecond of smug triumph, before being swallowed in the lava of actual politics.

And I’m tired of the division. Of not voting for people based on one thing. Not voting to remain in the EU because it’s not perfect. Not voting for Hillary because of her emails. Not voting for Labour because of Corbyn. Whatever.

This pickiness is costing so many of us the many things we do care about. And social media exacerbates this. It’s short-termist, devoid of nuance and paints us all into ever-decreasing, polarised corners. You either support Corbyn, or you’re a Tory. You either think free trade with the EU is good or you’re a treasonous remoaner saboteur (and Hell truly has frozen over when I’m in the same camp as Michael bloody Heseltine).

Social media is terrible at changing people’s minds, and highlighting people’s similarities. We all have things we care about, worry about, and make us proud. They’re not all the same, but many of them are. Many of the basic things we care about — decent schools, the NHS, local services — are not being supported (or are being actively dismantled) by Conservative policy, and have been for years. Theresa May is not the ‘safe pair of hands’ many people think she is. But a shouty Momentum graphic or sarcastic David Schneider post isn’t going to convince people of that. So if you have people in your social media circles that are thinking of voting Conservative, feel free to post any of these graphics on your feed.

Each one deliberately mixes different things — some of which you might care about a lot, some of which you couldn’t care less about. But they’re a reminder that whatever it is you do care about, chances are the Conservatives are trying to defund, shut down or privatise it. We’re all in this together, as someone once said…

I’ve posted links to news reports or research, from a variety of independent, left- or right-leaning sources, to accompany each one, to help start discussions. I’ve not included links to The Sun, Mail or Express, for ethical reasons.

They’re aimed to be party-neutral, colourwise (which was a bit tricky when blue, red, yellow, green and purple are already taken!). I’ve designed them to be direct and clear, but not judgemental. Brexit voters who are having second thoughts shouldn’t be made to feel stupid. We need them now.

They’ll fit nicely in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. If you would like them in another format, give me a shout.

It’s highly likely we’ll still have a Conservative government for years to come. The current level of online discourse isn’t helping. This is just a small attempt to change a couple of minds. If you use them, drop me a line and let me know if they spark any interesting discussions.

I’m not telling anyone how to vote. Vote for policy, personality or tactically. Just use your vote against Theresa May and her dangerous approach to running the UK.