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“So, What’s make the girl was so extraordinary? Tell me more about her,” you willing-fully asked me. You’re my best friend, I know you had feeling in disguise with her.

I grinned from ear to ear, I’m glad telling you the best part about her. In an inhale, sincerely, I started depict her.

“ Well, she’s not so pretty though, but she is good girl to me.

She will never dye her hair into her favourite colours, she darns want to do it, but she can’t, her job insists her to dress properly and not being too eccentric. She always finds it cool though. Nevertheless, she loves her job so much.

She has bad taste of music and movies, but she’s fine. Nobody’s care about her favorite bands, what’s loop on her playlist lately, whose the musician that torn her heart in to pieces, movies that teared her out, character that she hates so much, how much she watched mean girls or, even, saving private ryan. She keeps it secret, nobody has to know her guilty and pleasures.

She respects family of her friends and relatives. She wants to meet everyone’s Mom, talk to siblings of people, or shake her hand to everybody’s Dad. Her puerility explains why she likes playing with kids and also lost in deepest conversation to elders.

She finds two beautiful things in this world; flowers and women.

She gets her gut-ache due to acid reflux after two sips of coffee, although people always wonder why she chooses tea over any beverages, she grins every single time somebody offers her a coffee.

She grown up with Lucy M. Montgomery’s books and has to feed her starves soul everyday. Sometimes she goes to the bookstore or spend lots of time on goodreads, capture some intriguing titles and go torrent them, she knows its a crime. A sharp witted crime.

She believes on dreams are the most powerful weapon in the world. She has been failed so many times to accomplish her dream but she couldn’t give up easily. She wonders why people are so afraid of the world and revoked their dreams.

She born within the stars, inter the stellar, beneath the pillars of creations. You may find it odd, but it’s true, at least in her profound mind.

She keeps herself in the most sacred place inside her cave-self. She might be not the type of woman that instantly you fall in love with. In fact, it’s almost impossible to fall for her at the first glimpse. She doesn’t even have a flawless hair falls on her shoulders. Her teeth is bracketed when she cringed it makes her look miserable. Yet her traits practically loyal and hopelessly romantic. Once she falls in love with you, it won’t easy to erase you from her mind.

Don’t chase her, don’t let her fall, unless you ready to catch her.” uttered me.

I saw your smile in a glimpse, whoever see the way you bend your mouth, they’ll realise desire inside of you, somebody that you long for.

I exhaled deeply, as I emerged a pain that I shouldn’t belong. But who could ever resist the feeling of happiest girl on earth right there. She never failed put smile on me, so she deserves me to put a smile over her lips. As you’d never knew, she’s just fall in love with you, although I fall in love for her too.

I want it to bleed for the pains of never be with her. There’s a price whenever I see her smile.

“Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Well… I can’t tell. But, she’s too mundane, you know.” I slipped the tongue. The biggest lie ever came out from my mouth. Frankly, she’s darn pretty. She’s perfect.

“You don’t like her?”

“…No.” More lies.

My friend, just let me bleed for her.

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