Struggling can be an everyday thing, or an all-the-time thing. Us, as people go through so many issues, but that is just apart of life. Though these are issues we are to learn from. I previously listened to a sermon when the pastor spoke on how we all struggle with P.I.T.T.S. What does that stand for? I’m glad your interested.






P.I.T.T.S aren’t here just to make your life miserable. They actually serve a purpose even though we may not recognize the reasoning at that particular moment. We sometimes concentrate on the bad things in a negative light. The best way to go about bad situations is by finding ways it can help benefit your life. Use bad situations as learning experiences and growing experiences.

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People sometimes have trouble with overcoming their problems. This can cause a major set back in your life. Of course there are many trials that may be hard to overcome, but we should not allow those problems to put a stop to life. We have to continue living. This means live to learn! Also, live to love life. Regardless of whatever is going on, try to continue to find ways of being happy. When we pause our happiness it causes us to live in fear and maybe even depression. These are terrible traits to take on. If we focus on happiness and love, despite our surroundings, we can end up on top.

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