The Cycle of Recurring Fashion

Jan 21, 2016 · 3 min read

The impact of fashion has been influenced by the trends in society.

Over the years there have been many popular styles and trends for different eras. Some may go out of style, while other trends come back in style. There is really no time period on fashion. It is all dependent on what is popular in society at that time. Though there is a cycle as to how this happens. It begins with the Introduction, then the Rise, the Decline, and lastly Rejection. This rotation has been proven with many different trends, from overalls and loafers to color blocking and boyfriend jeans.


It all begins when the item is launched. There’s a new style of dress, and new way to where your pants, a new pair of shoes, or even an entire new collection that is established. Normally, the first to wear it is a pop star or a movie star. Stars seem to have a big impact on our opinions and sense of style. Once they have set the trend, it becomes a big thing. Now everyone wants the next big thing! All the girls want to wear the dress Rihanna wore in Vogue magazine, or even the sharp suit Stephen Curry wore on the Express commercials and website.

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R&B trio group, TLC dressed in denim overalls (1999)

The Rise

The product has been introduced and then it blows up! Everyone wants it because everyone has it. That is just how our society is. There are few people who choose to stand out; but in this society, especially in my generation, we all want the next big thing. Some trends are popular for a long period and are still trending till this day, while others are big for so long and may go out of style, but can sometimes make a come back.

The Decline

As I previously stated, there are some trends that are big for a certain amount of time and then go out of style. This is the decline. Different styles are sometimes glorified based on the era or the moment. Turbans were a big thing in the 19th century, but are not as big now, as they were back then. Some people may try to bring that trend back, but it has yet to make it’s comeback.

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Elizabeth Taylor in her jeweled turban (1966)

The Rejection

This is the interesting part of the cycle. There are many trends and styles that have tried to make a comeback. Some have failed while others have succeed. It all depends on it acceptance. We agree as a society if it is something worth bringing back. Sometimes it is good to keep the old in the past. We reject what we think doesn’t “fit” the criteria in this day and time.

Though, there have been many rejections there have definitely been a lot of comebacks. If it has not made a comeback, then it might have been recreated. For instance, chokers, palazzo pants, crop tops, distressed jeans… I can go on and on. Even the Jordan Retro shoes created by Michael Jordan in the ’90s have come back in a new fashion. Fashion is one big circle. It comes to this and then it starts all over again.

There is nothing new under the sun.”-Austin Kleon from his book, Steal Like An Artist.

Nothing created in fashion, or created period is original. So we just have to “steal” ideas from others and make them our own. Fashion is all about finding a style of you own.

Below: Trends We Couldn’t Let Go

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