Is our need for certainty killing us online (and off)?

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Thoughts on trolls, their motivations, and the true cost of our need for certainty.

I made it one whole week on Medium without encountering a troll.

Honestly, I expected one sooner given that two of my three first articles were about adoption and the adoptee experience.

Of the all raging dumpster fire topics online, the top five that I encounter here in the Bible Belt are: abortion, LGBTQIA+ issues, vaccines, gun control, and adoption.

All of those topics (and many more) have at least one thing in common:

(And responsive internet rage.)

Chani Nicholas’s new book ‘You Were Born for This’ is what we all need right now.

Photo by Greg Rakozy via Unsplash.

Be warned: the Southerner in me is about to come out strong because…


I’ve been a skeptic of astrology, among many other systems, for most of my life and Chani Nicholas’s new book You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance changed my life. Skeptic no more!

(Another thing of which I’ve always been skeptical: anytime a person tells me that a book, personality test, or some kind of modality changed their life. Dear Judge, may the record reflect my reservations.)

“Life-changing” is a pretty epic claim to make on a platform that has lots of other epic…

What I wish I’d known before searching for my birth mother.

A candid image of me captured by my partner on a trip to Asheville, NC when I decided that I would search for my birth mother. I finally began my search in late 2016.

I began the search for my birth mother in late 2016. By the very end of 2018, I found and connected with my birth mother and one of my three half-siblings. I’m writing this post to share my journey leading to the search process and what I wish I’d known and prepared for before, and during, the search and reunification process.

I’ve known that I was adopted ever since I can remember. In fact, I can’t remember a time not knowing that I was adopted. …

Olive Kirkpatrick

I’m an adoptee, writer, creative, & marketing specialist. I write on topics like adoption, self-discovery, & the state of online marketing.

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