I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

I feel you-but as a Black FEMALE-sexual abuse survivor-I have to ask-why did you continue to go into black neighborhoods, where this kind of drunk-drug infused behavior is common,especially late at night? Especially during the season of the crack epidemic? These are NOT “rich Harveys” “ or rich “Cosbys.” Or- “President Clintons.” And It is NEVER okay-but- toothless, mask wearing idiots-with obvious mental issues, on dark streets, after you have already been robbed, raped and chased, seems odd. Even for arts sake. It almost feels as if you went looking for trouble — more than to expose it. Unless you goal was to expose all the crazy black men in the WORST part of the city that cat call women-while drunk and drugged, for ARTS sake? And yes I saw the puffy eyed white LOST BOY-in the hood-thrown in for good measure. But in this day and age, where Black men are often accused for false rape by white women-these pictures, from the 80’s, no less— DO feel like exploitation. These men ALL look CRAZY. Harvey- NOT crazy. The two Bills NOT crazy. Not in dark alley. Not half out of their minds on drugs. These men are not agents looking for massages-The men in these pictures are NUTS. You went in like a squirel and you found NUTS. Just sayin’. This is NOT #METOO. This feels more like #Seeme. News flash — 2017 — Go-and GET UP in Bill Clintons face. Go get up in some POWERFUL Catholic PRIEST face. Throw up some pictures of POWERFUL sexual predators with their draws down around their shoe tops. THEN we can talk.

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