Meet Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

“That’s something you wear ‘cause it’s a trophy. If you gone set it down, you should’ve just left it at the store.”

Got to chop it up with bro last week. As spontaneous as it was, he emailed back promptly and when he said he’d call at 10PM, he called right as 9:59PM expired. I ain’t record the audio, so this about 75% of our dialogue.

Being one of the last people Yams championed before his passing, Gucci and Peewee Longway’s understudy, the list goes on. If you know Atlanta, you know Hoodrich. If you don’t — Google.

Leslie: What’s good, man. You doin’ alright? You eat today?

Hoodrich: What’s up, boss. Yeah, I did man. Everything good. Aye, hold on right quick.

[goes to bathroom]

Yeah, my bad man. I had to use the bathroom.

Nah, you good, man. I already know how it go. I appreciate you doing this, though. This my first interview here.

Man, I’m glad I could be ya’ first interview. I appreciate y’all showing love. Aye, Nice Kicks. What y’all be selling there?

Well, the store is in Austin, TX. In there, it’s everything from Nike, Jordan, Adidas, clothing — they got everything man. But on the site we cover mostly the sneaker industry.

Listen, when I come to Austin, Texas, we gone pull up to Nice Kicks and spend the whole bag, man. Tell ‘em have everything ready for Pablo, man.

Haha word. I appreciate that, man. I already told big man about you. He know about you. But I know time is precious, so let’s get to it. 2015. I think it was March 24th to be specific when you first dropped Designer Drugz. Do it seem that long since you been out?

Yeah. Yeah, it do.

Really? It’s only been 2 years. Do it seem long since you been “on”?

I mean, not really. You know everything takes time to develop. ‘Cause it ain’t really no definition of “on” ‘cause you can always get better, it’s always work to do.

Word. I know everybody in Atlanta like family anyway so that helps. You, Skippa, Peewee, Thugger, all them.

Yeah, you know Atlanta we like family. I knew people already from just being around everybody and in the streets, so.

What would you say was the turning point?

It wasn’t really no turning point and really, I’m not where I wanna be. I feel like I ain’t did anything immaculate. Once I start buying buildings and all that I can feel like I’m doing something major, but right now it’s really about stacking money and it’s about growth. It’s about effort. For some people it might a be a hit. But I can’t speak on that.

Word. Growing up, I know you said you lived about 5–7 different places. Where all you live?

I grew up mainly in East Atlanta, I stay in Buckhead right now. I stayed in Ellenwood, Edgewood where 21 from. Mostly East Atlanta though.

Back then what was the most poppin’ shit out?

Really Jeezy and Gucci.

Hold up…Was you team Jeezy or team Gucci? ‘Cause when I stayed in Charlotte during that whole mixtape era, we was team Jeezy.

You know what…I ain’t gone lie, I did like Jeezy, but –

Awhhh! [flips tables]

But look, the way Gucci kept comin’ was so raw and niggas was feelin that shit.

Ain’t no diss to Jeezy ‘cause I was definitely fucking with Jeezy, but I felt Gucci a lil more cuz he rapped that Candler Road shit and that’s where I’m from and this was shit I was going through.

Yeah, you could relate more.

Hell, yeah! Nigga said some,

East Atlanta, Zone 6, that’s my hood/Glenwood to Gresham Road, that’s my hood/Bouldercrest to flat shoals nigga that’s my hood/I can’t forget Candler Road, that’s my hood/That’s my hood, nigga, that’s my hood.

Maaaan, that shit was so hard, man.

[laughs] Yeah, that make sense. I just remember my big bro, Earon bumpin’ Trap or Die every morning, so I had to side with bro.

What was the fashion like down there? We had tall tees and the motherfuckin’ Dickies with the uhh, [thinks, taps pants], the cell phone pocket!

Man, you probably ain’t gone believe me, but I was the first to start the Dickies and a lot of shit that go on in Atlanta.

I was definitely a big part of what was going on. I was outside more than a lot of niggas. Niggas would come by, see what I was wearing and be like, “Oh okay, shorty lookin’ fly.”

Nah, I believe it, man. It make sense if you was outside. How you think styles changed since, shit let’s say ‘05 Trap or Die.

‘05, I wasn’t even grown. I went from a phase where I wanted to rap. Going back and forth with rap and the streets. Matter fact, back to yo’ first question.

The turning point was when I decide to go two feet in the rap game and deciding to get out the streets. Now every thing I do revolves around the music and these fans.

I feel like as an artist, the next step is the fans. The fans the next best step. They gone tell you who to rap with, who hot, who not. And even if they say don’t do a song with this rapper or producer, you can always prove ‘em wrong. I love the fans definitely though.

That’s real as hell. Not a lot niggas in our industry do. What’s your favorite pieces in your collection now? Like the essentials.

Gotta have a bag. Like a lil’ Gucci or Louis messenger bag to hold all the money, all the Backwoods. That’s what I keep on the road. I got a lot of Gucci, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Nike, all the OG Jordan’s, just a lot of shit y’all ain’t see yet.

I just like to mix it up. I don’t want people gettin’ stuck on what designer they wear, that’s why I like to mix it. You can mix the Saint Laurent with the Gucci. I gotta a Saint Laurent with the shark right now.

Word. Now this a funny question, who got more red bottoms — you or Peewee?

[chuckles] I don’t know how many he got. Longway probably got more than me. I got a couple. If anything I wanna get all the Chanel. Gucci doing alright with they new shit. Louis, they just some shit you put shit on, but they ain’t comfortable. But I’d say my favorite is Chanel. You can go jogging in them motherfuckers.

Oh yeah, them Double C Runners?

You know them Balenciaga socks?

Oh my God. The speed trainers? Them bitches DUMB nice.

Yeah, we call them socks in Atlanta.

Man, how’d y’all meet anyway? I know you say he was pretty much the only one to put you on.

Yeah, Me and Longway, we met through the streets, man. Just me running around, we bumped into each other.

No doubt, no doubt. Well, we got about 3 more questions left an-

Man, shoutouts to Nice Kicks. I need to go to Nice Kicks. I’m comin to Austin Texas, man. Forreal.

Lol, oh nah we got three more questions.

Oh, okay.

3 things you don’t leave the house without?

My gun, my jewelry and my money. You can’t be broke so that’s what the money for. And the jewelry cost too much. That’s something you wear ‘cause it’s a trophy. If you gone set it down you should’ve just left it at the store.

I switched it up though, I got my all gold Rolex and the pinky. I bought new pinky rings. Not too much though, how a lot niggas be accesoring like females.

Yeah, that excessive shit played out.

I ain’t county like everybody else. I got my 1017 the Gang chain right now. Mine cost like $25,000 for the stones, $5,000 for the rope. The rope just came in from Italy. I had to order the rope without the diamonds, it’s 3 different colors.

3 favorite movies of all-time?

Boyz In The Hood, Juice, and…[thinks]


Blow…[computes] Alright, actually from the top — Blow, Malcolm X, and Juice.

[smacks teeth] Boy, you don’t know nothing ‘bout no Malcolm.

[laughs] Man, I got Malcolm tatted on my back.

What? Oh shit, I DO remember you sayin’ something about Malcolm X peepin’ through the blinds.

[laughs and recites lyrics] That’s how I know you a true Pablo Juan fan, man.

Man y’all stay tuned, we got some more on the way. We doing more visuals and all that. I remember went from dropping off our mixtape without being mixed, but now I’m going be on top notch. Some pretty little girls for y’all to look at. I need to see what I need to do at this stage to grow. You see that “We Don’t Love Em” video we just dropped?

You know, I ain’t even gone lie — I haven’t. I been mad busy, man. I always see you be postin’ though.

Man, go and see that video. Forreal. I’ma need you to tell them to go cop that DD3 too.

[chuckles] I got you. I’ma definitely check after we get off the phone. What’s your 3 favorite mixtapes of all time that you dropped?

For sure this one (DD3). Master Sensei. I like how long it was and it got me to a bigger point in my career. I ain’t use no features, I used one producer — Spiffy Global. He gave me stuff and I just did it with a regular person just to show niggas it ain’t even like that. I think Allah just blessing me. He appreciatin’ me doing things the right way now.

Also, DD2 is hard. It go from Look At Me Now. That song mean a lot to me. I did it the day the project dropped. The hardest song on there Designer Drugz with Quavo. Today, that’s still my favorite song.

Really? Man, my top 3 gotta be Designer Drugz Edition. That shit started off with Socket & Plug and ended with No Hooks. Nigga, I ain’t never heard any project start and finish that hard.

[laughs] Man, and you know what’s crazy? I always start off all my tapes with the hardest shit.

Man, then I have to say MONY POWR RSPT World and 1'5.

Really? Hmm. Okay.

Well this the last question, man. I’ma need you to finish the bar: “Havin’ more blocks than Mutumbo, __________________.”

[thinks] ahhh, run with the green and the white like I’m rondo.

[laughs] It’s,

Ahh! Yeah, with the 9!

[both began to recite entire verse]

Haha, ah! That was dope. Man, I appreciate this forreal. Let the people know anything you want ‘em to hear.

This Hoodrich Pablo Juan with Nice Kicks, man. Make sure you get the new DD3 kick back to some gas, gelato cookie. Pour some lean, Henny, Ciroc, and just vibe. Shout out to all the fans. I love y’all the most. If you need anything just let me know, man.

I appreciate that, man. All love too. I’ll get at you later.

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