This is the last night I sit in my room desk after 22 years I’ve spent most of my time here.

I’ve never left my hometown for a relatively long time, really. I’ve been living here with my parents for my whole life. But now, the time has come. I’m leaving.

“Leaving might be scary because now you’re for yourself. You’re all alone out there and only depend on yourself and GOD. But the thing is, sometimes leaving is necessary : to discover yourself — to know more about yourself than you believe you will do”

The thing about leaving I think is to teach you about life. So this is the time that I’ve certainly been waiting for my whole life. It’s simply because I want to thrive. I’ve never had a second thought to keep developing my self although I know exactly the consequences that I need to go out of my comfort zone. Comfort zone is like a 2-edged sword. It may please you but it may kill you as well. When it kills you, it will do it with regrets. This what scares me more. So I take a leap to fly far away from my comfort zone and challenge my self.

What goes around comes around. Leaving means coming to a new place. I would consider that as travel as well.

“We all need to travel, to seek new beautiful things we haven’t yet to see. From these, we may appreciate our life more”

Few things that I affirm myself to believe before leaving are :

I need to believe in myself

Everyone for himself, right? I learned that sometimes the biggest obstacle isn’t from anybody or anything but it’s from ourselves. We are the one who make it hard, complicated problem. So, I think my biggest challenge is definitely to beat myself up, to solve my own problem with a calm head which may result in the wisest solution and to get rid of all of the negative vibes around me. Have faith, head up and shine on.

Be kind

I learned this from myself. I’ve been treated less than I deserved many times. When that thing happened, I got 2 options in mind : I could be so angry and make everything worse but I might show my power OR I could be so calm to accept what it was but I learned my lesson and keep being good to them. I chose the latter. And Thank God I could never be so grateful about my choice of response. Why? I’m a free soul. I feel really calm and have this sincere feeling since then. All I know is a good thing. I think I did a good thing and that’s what makes me happy. Even if I was treated badly, I never had an idea to take a revenge to or hate them. In fact, I think with being kind to people who treat us badly, we can teach them that everything can be solved well without any fight and hatred. The most important one, we can show them that no matter what they do, it won’t scrape any bit of our kindness.

Never expect to anyone

Also, I learned that the most dissapointing thing in life is to expect to somebody. If I were to expect, I’d only expect to my GOD and myself. That’s all. Because God is the Almighty that can give anything to us and my expectation is my responsibility. I would only expect something that I could work on it. Never, never expect anything to anyone because you can’t make anyone do anything for you. If they do, they may ask something in return and that wouldn’t be always good. Be careful to your mind and feeling.

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