Monero Beryllium Bullet v0.13.0.2 Update Guide for Windows! (Command Line Interface)

After seeing this tweet from, I knew it was time to update to v0.13.0.2 Beryllium Bullet!

Anyone who read my guide on setting up their Monero wallets on a Ledger Nano S might remember I like to utilize as many photos as I can because it does the explaining far better than words ever could. For those of you who missed out on my Ledger/Monero Wallet guide, click here, and for everyone else, welcome to to my official Monero v0.13.0.2 Beryllium Bullet update guide for Windows!

Screencap of page. I’m using the ‘Command-Line Tools Only’ version to the right.

First things, first, you’ll need to head to to download Monero’s newest release, v0.13.0.2 Beryllium Bullet. I’ll be explaining how to update your CLI v0.12.3.0 Lithium Luna release to the new CLI for v0.13.0.2 Beryllium Bullet. Depending on what kind of computer you have, you’ll either be downloading the Windows 64-bit or 32-bit Command-Line Tools Only. You may find that you’re not sure whether you should be downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit version. Not to worry. If you have no idea or are just unsure, you can check here:

To begin, we need to extract the documents from the Zipped folder we just downloaded.

I’m using the 64-bit Command-Line Tools Only version. To get started, I need to right click the monero-winx64-v0.13.0.2 folder I just downloaded & select ‘Extract All…’

On my PC, after clicking ‘Extract All…’ I get a pop-up window displaying the progress.

Once the documents are extracted into the new folder, you will get the following File Explorer pop-up window assuming you left the ‘Show extracted files when complete’ box checked:

Click on the monero-v0.13.0.2 folder to view its contents.
Congratulations! You’ve downloaded the newest Monero CLI release v0.13.0.2 Beryllium Bullet!

After downloading and extracting the files from the zipped folder, you need to move a copy of your keys from the old folder with the Lithium Luna release to the newly downloaded folder, which I lazily named ‘monero-v0.13.0.2.’

If you press & hold the shift key, you can select more than one item at once.

After navigating to the folder with the Lithium Luna v0.12.3.0 release, by holding the shift key you can copy all 3 files associated with your keys at once.

Right-click in the blank space of your ‘monero-v0.13.0.2’ folder (shown in red box above) to paste your keys.

After highlighting and copying, head to your version of the recently downloaded ‘monero-v0.13.0.2’ folder. If you right click on your folder within the red box, you will be able to select ‘Paste.’ After selecting Paste, you will see your keys are now in your version of the ‘monero-v0.13.0.2’ folder, like this:

Time to run monerod.exe & get updated!

Now you are all set to run the newest version of monerod.exe. To do that, you’ll click in the directory bar of the ‘monero-v0.13.0.2’ file explorer window and type ‘cmd’ as pictured below:

Click the directory bar, type ‘cmd’ and hit enter to get the command prompt running in this location!

After opening a command prompt window in the monero-v0.13.0.2 folder, you need to type .\monerod.exe in the command prompt window and hit enter.

Type .\monerod.exe (& hit enter) to run the daemon.
This is what your Command Prompt window will look like.

As u/DEBRUYNE_1 noted in this thread announcing the v0.13.0.2 Beryllium Bullet release on Reddit, “the daemon (monerod) will have to upgrade the database version to accommodate the changes required for the initial pruning implementation.” This will take a while (I’m currently ~45% done).

I’ll tie up all the loose ends (using the new CLI wallet, for example) once I’ve finished updating. I just wanted to get this out there so anyone out there feeling overwhelmed by the network update will have a step-by-step guide with screen shots to at least get started updating. Happy Halloween! 🎃