Prompt #17: A recipe for happy days

In the last couple of prompts we’ve been playing with self-reflection — and for good reason. (We promise.)

When we reflect, we give ourselves the opportunity to examine specific emotional states, and the things that truly make us feel; whether it’s happiness, sadness, curiosity, bewilderment, anger, or something else entirely. It’s the way we can teach ourselves more about ourselves, and gives us the tools to re-create those emotional experiences again.

So this week, to continue this vein of self-reflection, we’re taking a peek at our favorite emotion: joy.

More specifically, we want you to take yourself back to the most joyful day you can remember.

That doesn’t mean you were feeling joyful all day, or even that everything necessarily went right. But when you think back to list of the best days of your life, this one takes its place in the rankings.

Got that “happiest day” in mind?

Now, for this week’s prompt, we want you to write a recipe for that day (and share a little bit about what happened.)

Here’s an example of a “happiest day” recipe:

1 part sunshine

3 parts live music

1 cup of whiskey

3 tablespoons of grass stains on my white jeans

Shake to the sounds of a blues guitar.

Garnish with fireflies.

Serve in a cold glass.

So take your time. Think about those bits and pieces — what your happiness ingredients are, how to stir, saute, or bake them together… and share it with us below.