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The DTS Summer Update — 2017

Today we’re all an email sign-up away from being bombarded with bundles, courses, freebies and email notifications from companies pushing sales.

It’s something we see piling up in our inboxes and in our social feeds. Products giving us the feeling like you’ve been doing something wrong or should be doing it a certain way, and that everyone else seems to have figured out but you.

Before assisting you on your journey, these products create a sense of mis-belonging. And so we’ve found ourselves in an ecosystem that prides itself on the race to amplify their message, instead of stopping to create a conversation of empowerment or about values.

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At DTS we believe that it’s stopping to have a conversation that builds a healthy, fun, and interesting community. And it’s community that builds individuals that thrive, because healthy communities empower you to do things the way that’s right for you.

After all there’s no one-size-fits all path, and most days we’re making it up as we go along!

Today we have an oversupply of tools, but a lack of human connection.

But that means there’s an awesome opportunity. And what we’ve experienced within the past few years first hand is a new and growing group of digital creatives who believe in a different way of doing things, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. It feels like the digital home we’ve been seeking, and that it’s up to us to help support and cultivate it.

There’s a new wave of digital natives who are aware of a new way to work and play in our online ecosystem. They understand two things:

  1. It’s not just about the tools.

We all have access to tools, so why do some people stand out while others blend in?

At Death to Stock, we believe that our mission is not simply about providing tools.

What’s difficult is not finding the tools, what’s difficult is having the inspiration and direction to use them.

We need education, persistence, and encouragmenet to utilize the tools available to their fullest so we can best express ourselves and our message.

2. It’s not about hitting it big on any one individual project or story.

Hits are here today and gone tomorrow, but how do some creatives prosper over the long run, and thrive in the new economy?

What’s difficult is listening to your own voice, and showing up for the long haul to build your brand as an individual creator.

The new digital natives knows that one-hit-wonders are not the method to get to where they want to go. They leverage each step in the journey into a bigger presence, and into cross-disciplinary settings. They are building for the long haul.

Shot for DTS by Ray Kang

After all, your brand and your relationships can sustain through a variety of roles and industries.

Your work isn’t a straight step by step along a well worn path.

Your work is more like rolling a snowball around, and as it picks up experience and interactions along the way, it grows.

This is what it means to break from the mold.

To be confident in your way of doing things. Those that understand this are open to benefit from an entirely new world and method of working. They navigate in and out of different industries and collaborations, partnerships and communities and successfully express themselves in a variety of ways through their work.

Our next phase is about helping you create and play in this way. It’s a calling as much as it is a business. And It’s a movement for those that are after the same thing.

Death to Stock is about enrolling in the creative journey with you.

We’ve created our membership as a recurring method to continually show up for you to encourage, inspire, and provide the tools for creation that allow you to express your best self in the digital age.

We aim to be your creative partner and your unique advantage.
We think about our work as being just like your regular cup of “Creative Caffeine.”

Shot for DTS by Mark Forbes

As a brand, Death to Stock is focused on fulfilling our mission to assist you on this journey in a few ways:

  1. Resourcing creatives with the tools and inspiration necessary to keep your work fresh and inventive. These are your monthly Photos, Videos, and extras). These will continue to develop in quality and variety.
  2. Telling stories – Connecting you with our artists and community voices, with specific narritives that help you ideate on new concepts and tell better stories to share your work.
  3. Teaching what we know. This is an area we’re seeking to grow, which is to share more what we’ve learned along the way to assist your journey. This teaching can come from artists and community voices, educational resources for the “how to.”
  4. Leading by example. We aim to “walk-the-walk.” Just like you, we’re creators ourselves. We’re always testing, learning, fighting creative block and shipping projects that we care about into the world.

We’ve got some fun updates that are coming in the 2nd half of this year, with more to come:

  • We’ve brought on the killer team at Fuzzco and are redesigning our app from the ground up.
  • We’re doubling down on multi-media stories and packages, (these are packaged downloads with more content than just photos, like video and graphics.) And of course, all consistent, quality, and art directed + produced specifically for you.
  • We want to share more from behind the scenes, building deeper connections to our artists (linked and represented in our app), creating a broader dialogue wihtin our community about our work.
  • More fun ideas and guides shipped out just for our premium members. Sometimes you just need that extra bump of inspiration or ideas for how to hone your craft — done in the DTS way with love + inspiration.

Shot for DTS by Zach Elwart

At Death to Stock we believe that everyone can be an artist. Because being an artist isn’t about the tools, it’s about how you use them.

We’re excited for the next phase of Death to Stock, and are so humbled and delighted that we get to create from you.

We hope that this subscription provides ongoing encouragement, tools, and inspiration that help you on your journey to make it on your path.

— David + Death to Stock

P.S. What’s been your “creative caffeine” lately? How else can we resource or teach you further?

P.P.S. If it’s summer where you are, go outside today. 
If not… we recommend you read that e-book you downloaded 3 months ago.

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