Writing prompt #07

We want to know: what’s a ritual that ups your game?”

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Ritual — defined as “a symbolic behavior or series of actions” — is a sacred part of the human experience. They take many forms and meanings, unique to each of us.

Some rituals may be a series of actions done in the same manner each time, or include a few processes you repeat over and over again to prepare for the day. They may be tied to your faith, or your creative process, or techniques for you to hurdle over fear and stress.

Each is extraordinary in its own way.

Michael Jordan wore his North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls shorts in every game

Gertrude Stein sat in her car to write poetry.

Ellen DeGeneres practices transcendental meditation every morning after a workout.

Research shows that rituals relieve anxiety and improve confidence, even in people who don’t necessarily believe in their effectiveness.

So we want to know: what’s a ritual that ups your game?

Do you have a way you make your coffee every morning?

Or specific steps you take before you sit down to work (or write these prompts?)?

Or good luck mantras you say before a big meeting or presentation?

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And if you don’t think you have a ritual — take some time to really picture the big events in your life, or your day-to-day. What steps do you take to feel ready? How do you boost your confidence, and feel rock steady and ready for whatever’s ahead?

The magic is in the details. Don’t let them escape you.

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