The Death of the Electric Guitar…is an Absolute Lie
Farrell Tamke

This article sounds cherry picked around Ormsby whose pictures feature a “fan fret” design… HIS fan fret design? Does “Grandpa” usually buy an $1800 fan fret guitar to play? “A ton of other companies” is a ton of PR poo. While I have been impressed with Legator’s question response time and don’t know about their biz, a “flood of companies” like HALO, Allen Eden, even Breedlove after it was BOUGHT by “Two Old Hippies” have gotten work done overseas. How does Grandpa pay for juniors guitar when his job is at the Korean Cort & Samick factory? Taylor’s facility in Tecate Mexico, (YES, they make electric guitars ), Fender’s Billion with a “B” factory in Mexico and ESP/LTD, Schecter, Dean, ALL went overseas for some of their products or product lines. GLARINGLY not addressed in the article is Guitar Center’s purchase by Bain Capitol, you know, Mitt “Rocking” Romney’s merry band built on break up and re-grouping troubled acts for a box set sell off. GC is deep poo since Bain got their “Mitts” on them. AND where does
Ormsby get his parts from? The bridges, tuners and pickups? SOMEONE go interview John Carruthers in Camarillo or John Suhr in Lake Elsinore about the state of guitar in the USA & then ask Guitar Player Magazine’s editor Mike Molenda why the cover of his magazine featured an article on the CRISIS of younger players quitting by age 17. The absolute lie here is any honest reporting on this subject.

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