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Boy, you’d think SAS has never been around jocks before! I played sports all my life and one thing is clear, jocks favor jocks, big jocks favor big jocks, good jocks favor good jocks! KD just being for real about it. How many times has he been picked to play just because he was good?

I’m sure too many times to count. So what’s the big thing, if he now says, “this one’s for me! Its not for my mamma, not for my papa, not for the fans — not for your prostrate pouting pro-testators like SAS or CB either. No! Sucker Johns, this one is for KD!” Just like in the movie about Jack Johnson, when he was told by the local folks that his cavorting and womanizing ways did not befit a champion and role model, he looked shocked and dazed from the sting of their sharp words. Once the shock wore off though, he retorted, “ its my turn, and I’m going to take my turn”! Take your turn brother and leave haters to hate, that’s their thing!