Hike to eat, and eat to hike.

If you’re an athlete or a foodie, you understand that food makes the world go round. If you’re like me and your non-trail life is relatively sedentary (don’t kid yourself…45 minutes of spin class after 8 hours in an office is still ‘sedentary’), then you’ll be thrown off-guard by the massive metabolic overdrive that your body enters while on trail. Hiker hunger kicks in pretty quickly, and all of a sudden you feel like you could eat the Michael Phelps 12,000-calorie diet.

Let’s talk food! What to pack, ways to cook, and off-trail binges.

Food to Pack

At first, it can be pretty hard to predict how much food to pack for a hike. My method is I just think through each meal for every day I’ll be out on trail before the next re-supply (i.e. before I hit a town again and can stock up on more food), and purchase food accordingly. I usually underestimate how much I’ll need to eat (see earlier comment about hiker hunger), so to be safe, I double how many snacks I think I should bring. …



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