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Deb Haaland
Aug 5, 2017 · 3 min read
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Watching this President over the last 7 months has been really tough, and it is apparent that he fell asleep in 8th grade history class. Unless you were born in our beloved country, commonly referred to as Turtle Island by many Indigenous people, you are an immigrant; we are a country of immigrants. Without the help of Indigenous Tribes at first contact, thousands of immigrants would have perished. Immigrants and Native Americans have made our country what it is today, and if we’ve learned anything through these hundreds of years — it should be that we can accomplish more when we work together.

In 1881, my dad’s grandparents, who were Norwegian farmers, immigrated to the United States — the same year my great grandfather from Laguna Pueblo was put on a train to Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. Both my families would work hard to contribute positively to my world, and I’m grateful for the unique perspective all of my ancestors have given me; and, in spite of the deep and dark history of violence and genocide, I recognize the need, as a country, to move forward and not backward.

We must be welcoming to those who flee their country because of violence and abject poverty in hopes of a better future — that’s who we are as Americans.

If you agree, I invite you to sign my petition to honor and protect immigrant communities here in New Mexico and everywhere.

The immigration policies that Donald Trump and the Republicans are pushing are downright hateful and must be stopped. The fabric of many communities is being torn apart. What is happening is a systematic attempt to destroy that which has made this nation great — immigrant communities who helped to build this place we call home and continue to work, invest, serve our country in the military, and die to make it better for generations to come. So, let me be direct:

  • I oppose immigration policy that bans Muslims or any religious, racial, or ethnic minority.
  • The RAISE Act must be defeated. This nation must live up to the values of freedom and opportunity for all that we have claimed since our founding, and reject the politics of bigotry and ignorance.
  • DACA must be protected and expanded into a permanent solution for children and young people who immigrate to the U.S. with their families.
  • I support sanctuary cities and will raise my voice to protect them; law enforcement must focus on keeping communities safe and helping people access the resources they need — not intimidating and targeting hardworking, taxpaying families to advance an agenda of hate and xenophobia.
  • The “wall” is just as divisive as the President pushing it. It tears apart families, exploits labor, oversteps Environmental rules that were put in place for a reason, and oppresses those seeking a better life. I am running for Congress to build bridges, not walls.

Join me today in the resistance against these hateful immigration policies. Add your name to my petition to honor and fight for the very core of who we are and why we are here — the belief in something better for all of us.

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