Okay so it was during the time I was applying for design internships, and I came across a question that caught my attention in an application.
They wanted applicants to write anything about their work, but it had to be within 500 characters. So obviously I wrote a poem about it because duh I’m cool that way. no not really, jk.
Anyway, I found the poem ageing in some random corner of a folder on my computer, but I’m going to put it here so it can age *online*

If you ask me what I do,
I’d say look around you…

Earlier this year, we worked on a product video for Cuddle.ai mobile app.
It’s a simple tool video that showcases what Cuddle.ai is capable of.

So let’s talk about transitions!

Example of a transformation/morphing transition

Transitions are a way to bridge one scene with another — it is the connection between the end of a scene or sequence and the start of another. The best transitions are the ones which appear seamless and is consistent with the flow of the narrative. …

Honestly, they had me at Harry Potter ⚡
There was even a trophy with Triwizard Cup written on it! The only thing that makes me sad about all of this is the fact that I missed this internal event as it took place before I joined Cuddle at Fractal Analytics as an intern during the winter break of my last college semester.

Is this what you call love at first sight? Yes, absolutely.

That’s the Cuddle office, where I worked as a product motion design intern for two months. Cuddle is an AI-powered, voice-enabled business analytics platform for business users that automatically detects patterns in enterprise data and alerts users with…

How we used motion design to inform and delight users

We, at Cuddle, recently implemented a new feature — Nudges. Nudges are personalized insights about your business.

To start receiving Nudges, you can “Follow” various business areas that are relevant to you. Cuddle analyzes your data periodically for anomalies, trends, patterns in those business areas, and sends you Nudges when it discovers.

As a part of initial onboarding, we wanted the users to get a glimpse into how they can get these informative alerts (or, notifications) on the app. We leveraged motion design (along with simple copy) to provide a clear and crisp onboarding experience for our users.

Here is…

My takeaways from Grace Hopper Celebration India ’18

“There is no expiry date for dreams. There are 5000 technologists here and each one is a role model for another.” ~ Geetha Kannan

Grace Hopper Celebration India is Asia’s largest gathering of women technologists, an annual celebration of women in technology. It was definitely the best thing I did all year. Being amongst such a brilliant cohort of people that included talent from all across the globe, 99% of them being women, was truly empowering and inspirational!

Case Study

A concept or story can be effectively communicated with the help of short videos that delight the target audience thus leaving a positive impression. Motion design is an extremely powerful instrument that can convey ideas meaningfully without taking much of our time (sorry, not sorry TL;DR)!

I worked on the pitch video for LokaVidya while interning at Lokavidya Technologies. I produced the pitch video in its entirety with the help of all the feedback I received from the team during the process.
I was responsible for
conceptualization, script writing, story-boarding, illustration, motion design, and post production.

Final pitch video. Copyright…

a random conversation

You know, ultimately, it’s never about one but it’s about us and what is around us, and how we strive to move forward.

Hmm.. but don’t you think it’s a paradox? how is it about “us” when it’s not about one of us in the first place? I’m getting an idea like it’s in the spaces between us.

Ah, yes absolutely, god is in the spaces between us.

Like what they were talking about in Before Sunrise? …

I applied for the December-March session of Outreachy this year and I am so elated that I got selected as an intern. I will be working with Systers (Anita Borg Institute Community) on PowerUp mobile application. Reflecting on and documenting my experience will definitely help me improve myself. I look forward to sharing my experience with all of you. This post is a brief on why I chose Systers and an introduction to what I’ll be working on.

I came to know about Systers through Outreachy and I’m so thankful that I did. I was shy at first but getting…

from a state of perpetual cognitive dissonance

At what point of time do neural firings in our brain transcend into actual feelings and thoughts in our minds?

What is it that actually makes us "human"? what makes these "experiences" experiences?

I believe in constructivism, we wouldn’t be human if not for our experiences. That being said, can AI ever truly be “human”? Many people would consent, because fundamentally, a piece of code only generates a single result depending on a choice from a binary set of outcomes, never more than that at a very fundamental level; and what science tells us as of now, is that, even…

montage of nostalgia

So you know how life is a montage of random, yet so fulfilling, single-serving experiences that somehow leave you as a changed person?
Yes, these experiences could be anything - that piece of art you saw at the museum the other day or this very old Polaroid of two lovers in an antique shop that you absolutely fell in love with; that poem you read on the back of your best friend’s notepad that made you cry or this new nebula you learnt about that left you absolutely mesmerized; that old french film you watched (with subtitles of course!) that made…

Debanjana Haldar

i like to play connect the dots on a starry night sky

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