Destination America

America is considered to be the ‘Land of Opportunities’. Everyone’s ultimate dream is to go to America, secure a high paying job, settle down there and earn bragging rights. And really, why shouldn’t it be so?

But what made America so special? What made it the ‘Land of Opportunities’?Here is my analysis regarding this topic.

Let’s dive into the pages of history. Before America was discovered, it was a very large tract of land with very less population. After Columbus discovered it, Europeans began arriving at this strange new country. Thus the original Americans, the Red Indians, were wiped out, both by guns and by the alien germs carried in by the Europeans.

The new Americans no longer had anybody to do their work like farming sugar and tobacco. So they started to bring slaves from Africa.

However, even though slavery is abolished today, America continues to be a land of less population in comparison to other countries. Schools like Harvard, Princeton are all nowadays vying to attract the best talent across the globe. They have realized that if the best talent settles there, they would hold the top positions and the American economy will improve. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two of the best examples of talent that was nurtured by these schools, and they went on to create the unthinkable.

Now the question is why does nobody want to stay in India?

The answer is simple.

India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Coming right after China, India is second, followed by America.

Well…have a look at this.

Source: Wikipedia

Even though America is just after India, India has one billion more people than USA.

Since India has such a large population, it suffers a lack of opportunities for Indians themselves, lest for foreigners. That is why nobody wants to stay here and they all want to pack up their bags and land up in America.