The Penang Withdrawal Syndrome

After effects of living in Penang for 5 weeks

After spending 5 weeks in Penang, i have to admit, it was difficult to pack up and leave again no matter how exciting my upcoming journey appears to be. I guess after staying put in the same place for while, my mind and body have unconsciously got sucked in to the routine that is Penang.

My 5 weeks in Malaysia and Singapore have been a blast! I had so much fun attending weddings with friends almost every weekends and spending time with our families and friends. And the food, oh the food! They’re just irresistible and have crumbled my “steely” resilience many times over. (In case you were not aware I was on a clean eating diet for the past few months in Australia).

One thing I will not miss about Malaysia though, is the traffic and the weather. 5 weeks of getting stuck in jams almost everywhere on the road and constantly being covered in a sheen of sweat as soon as you step out from the house are enough for me to want to be excited about the bitterly cold weather of Europe in winter.

So as I packed my bags and said my goodbyes, I left my hometown with a tinge of sadness that I will be leaving my comfortable (a.k.a slack) lifestyle for a more challenging and exciting journey ahead. I know it might seem crazy for you reading this right now, but I am actually looking forward to my return from my travels. This might just be the emo side of me talking right now, (typical of how I feel every time I leave Penang, even after a decade of living abroad) but let’s see how I go after a few months into my journey. ;)

Until we meet again next year, goodbye Penang.

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