Thinking too much is injurious to health!

There is a saying in the air — 99% of the startups fail!

“So (fuckin’) what?!” (a song by Metallica)

Exactly, so what?! Let them fail, you’re going to kick ass. It should be about you and only you. The moment you look at what others are saying, or give in to the hype around, you pull yourself down by miles.

I’ll give you examples of what I hear from people - who want to start up - discussing.

Oh man! I thought about this cool idea, but now I see someone has already created a product. I can’t continue with this idea anymore. :(

The way I look at this: Oh cool, someone has already validated this idea. That’s great encouragement for me to go ahead with mine.

Well, I’m not saying that you try to build another Facebook, Yelp or WhatsApp, because they have almost 100% mindshare of the users in their respective spaces. But otherwise, anything that’s doing good and is similar to your idea should be taken as encouragement to move forward with it without thinking too much.

Just imagine: Orkut and Facebook were both launched at almost the same time, and Orkut was much more popular, at least in India than Facebook. What if Mark Zuckerberg dropped the plan of Facebook?

I need to quit my job to start with my idea. Let’s park it until the right time comes.

The fact of the matter is — No! You do not have to quit your job to start a business. The first and the only thing that you must consider before jumping on to a business is “validation”. Whether your idea is good enough to generate business? And for this validation, on a smaller scale, you do not have to quit your job.

Take for example: You want to make a business selling designer t-shirts. Do you need to quit your job to start this? Hell NO! You should first create a prototype, show it to 50 people from your circle and take pre-orders. If you can gauge the interest of the majority of the people, and can make money in pre-orders, congratulations, you have a successfully validated business. Without Quitting Your Job!!

I’m not a coder, how am I going to build a website or an app for my idea?

This is the MOST common excuse I hear!

The question should be — do you really need a website or an app for your idea? For example: One of my products is to get groups of consumers to restaurants and bars, where they can enjoy discounts. Did I build a website/app initially for this business? No!

The way I did this was — One fine day, being Mr. Cool, I walked into a posh restaurant, where I had been before several times. Caught hold of the owner, and praised him on his restaurant. Then with a very subtle attitude put forth this question:

Would you be willing to give out discounts or deals to a large group of customers? I’ve networks of friends working in the tech companies around, and they would really love this feature.

He was game, and just like that I made the first transaction without having any website or app set up.

The takeaway: Focus on the core business model.

I cannot discuss my ideas with anyone. What if they steal my idea?

The way I look at this thought is — ideas are like beautiful girls, that look good from distance, however, to get to them you need to work your ass off!

Are you the only one who has seen this beautiful girl? Absolutely NOT! People are not blind.

So, wake up from that myth, and DO SOMETHING, something different, effective, to get to your girl a.k.a your idea. Because, for sure, there are at least 100s of different people watching your girl right now without your knowledge!

And the final final final trait that i see — The fear of failure.

Being uncomfortable is the name of the game.

Asking someone for something — fear if they say “No”. That’s natural.

This fear will always be there no matter what. However, practice will help overcome it to some extent.

People say “Ignorance is a bliss”. It certainly is, in Entrepreneurship. You need to learn to ignore certain situations. You will find many people who have nothing good to say, and you might interact with quite a few of them while selling your stuff. What do you do? You ignore. You will, for sure, have the fear of bumping into such people, but ignore them once, twice, thrice and your fear is gone!

Of course it’s your call to be intelligent and judge what you ignore; the point being you should not stop just because someone discouraged you because they can’t see what you can. Persistence is the only way to overcome the fear of failure.

I’m myself guilty of all the points that I mentioned above!

But, I learned from my mistakes.

What over thinking does is delay whatever you want to achieve. And often is used as an excuse to not pursue something, which could have taken an awesome shape otherwise. You ignore the vast universe of possibilities.

Bottom line is — In the process of thinking too much, you don’t end up doing anything!

So, don’t think, just go out and kick ass!

And dance like Mick Jagger.