3rd Round Free Airdrop PoSToken is On……So claim your free token (valid till 29th October 2017)

Good Day Everyone. Once again I am back with another offer for you and this time this offer is quite credible from the view point of the worth of each token and its basis is quite strong . Yes you heard it correct and this is PoSToken. This is very very popular and you might have participated in the earlier two rounds of free Airdrop. And this time I am going to introduce you about the 3rd Round of Free Airdrop.

PoSToken stands for Proof of Stake Token which is based on the ERC 20 token standard which implements proof of stake mechanism and hence you can earn some extra token just by holding PoSTokens for a certain period of time. In addition to this it also defines a brand new token standard for proof of stake tokens.

You all must be aware that there were already two rounds of Free Airdrop and recently they have announced the 3rd Round of Free Airdrop.

The 3rd round airdrop started on October 16th, 2017 at 15:00 UTC and will last until October 29th, 2017 at 15:00 UTC.

The airdrop will stop immediately when the airdrop supply (currently 457,794 POS) are all claimed.

So today I will guide you all “How to get those free Airdrop” with a step-by-step guide.


You must have a ERC 20 based ETH Wallet and for that I would recommend Myetherwallet. So if you dont have a MEW ETH wallet then please go to this link https://www.myetherwallet.com/ and get one. Make sure to keep your private key in safe place.


Before registering for the free Airdrop, you need to have your Bitcointalk.org user ID, and dont have the misconception that the username and user id are equal. here the User ID is required and in this step, I will tell you how to get your User ID. Go to https://bitcointalk.org/and login with your ID and Password.

The most important point here to be noted is that you must have had registered in bitcointalk forum before 22nd Aug 2017 to be eligible for this offer.

After logging in click on “profile”

Then click on “Forum Profile Information”

Then you can see the “Location” and in this filed you need to put your ERC 20 based ETH wallet address.

Then scroll down and click on “Change Profile”

Then again in the profile click on “Show Statistics”

Now in the url address bar(at top) you can see user id which numeric only and for explanation I have given the example of my own user id, please check it.


Once you have your user id, go to this link for registration of 3rd Round of Free Airdrop.


Then you will be navigated to the registration page where you need to fill the relevant fields and then get registered.

After that make sure to verify your email (you can do so by checking your mail inbox) and once you verify your email, then you can see your free Airdrop PoSToken .

It may please be noted that you will get your tokens as per your rank of membership in Bitcointalk.org.


(1)One person can only register for once. If it is discovered that multiple registrations belong to the same person, your registration will fail.

(2)All members include newbies are eligible.

(3)All accounts registered on bitcointalk.org after August 22, 2017 are not qualified.

(4)Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not qualified.

(5)All accounts who accept airdrop should pay close attention to PoSToken including our ANN thread and website and twitter or others from official.

(6)Final explanation right belongs to the PoSToken Dev Team.

Apart from this free Airdrop, you can participate in other Bounty program like Signature Bounty, Telegram Bounty, Youtube Bounty, Article Bounty, Referral Bounty to get some more PoSTokens.

You will be paid those tokens once the offer ends, that means after 30th October onward you will get paid.

For further information, you are requested to visit their official page and Here I am giving some of the relevant links for more detailed information.

(1) https://postoken.org/

(2) https://postoken.org/whitepaper.pdf

(3) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2110712.msg23047267#msg23047267

(4) https://twitter.com/PoSToken

(5) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2110712.0

POS Token is currently listed in EtherDelta and you can check the price of POS Token there and here I am giving you the link for reference. Every token is roughly worth 1.22 USD at the moment and thats really a good price and if you are getting some free tokens, then I think with this article, you can make your day.


Thank you so much. Harly 3 days left onyl, so hurry up and grab those tokens…

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