ZillonLife: An Emerging ecosystem for new age entrepreneurs

Big businesses across the globe focuses on one basic aspect: Making their assets greater than their liabilities. The simplest definition of Asset is ‘anything that puts money in the pocket’; Liability is anything that takes away money from the pocket’. To start-off the only entity which a business should consider as its asset is the Customer Base; as apart from customers no one else pays money to business. Everything else, be it plant & machinery, stocks, employees, infrastructure etc is a liability for the promoters/founders.

The above mentioned principle is the underlying concept used by ZillonLife to build an inclusive eco-system to enable masses to participate in a wealth creation process. Wealth is generally different then income; wealth is an outcome of cashflows which continues to prosper even after the person who created it stops working; on the contrary income is something which stops the moment the person generating it stops working. In the long run people who focused on building cashflows which are not linked to their direct effort win the game of wealth generation.

The biggest challenge to create a consistent cash flow is that most of the people are not able to create a system which can function independent of them due to lack of resources or vision. This is where we find ZillonLife business model coming to the rescue of people who understand the value of system based cashflow creation.

How it works:

1. E-commerce: ZillionLife provides all its franchises an automated individual E-store. This e-Store works like a fully functional e-commerce portal by plugging the franchise e-store to live inventory, automated dispatch & logistics, Payment gateways, Loan Solutions and placement in server. This enables the franchise to kick-start their journey in the world of e-commerce from day 1 of getting started. However unlike a traditional franchise where only transactional income is shared; ZillonLife differentiates itself by sharing the customer base co-ownership to the franchise creating the customer. This is a huge benefit because the franchise gets to start building the assets i.e customer base (which generates cashflow) while the risk of liabilities in terms of stock cost, employee cost, infrastructure cost etc is totally borne by ZillonLife. A franchise thus has the odds heavily stacked in its favor if they are able to work hard for initial few years and leverage social media to create a sizable customer base for itself. Post building the customer base the system starts to churn residual income on consistent basis even if a small % of the customer base becomes regular consumers.

2. Micro Franchise: The Business model also entitles the franchise to recommend the business to other potential business owners and in return create another long term cashflow as they get a small percentage of the turnover created by the franchises recommended by them. Life time income from this could be potentially big if these recommended franchises build a robust consumption system. This in turn creates a robust win-win situation based on value system of high level of trust and inclusive growth.

Business Verticals: ZillonLife now has 7 product verticals in its eco-system; each having potential to be a full fledged business on its own. Here is a quick snapshot:

a. Electronic Surveillance: A fast growing market having use-case in every town of the country. With the introduction of IoT based devices ZillonLife envisions to convert the current reactive market( where people can take action only after an incidence of break-in/burglary happening) to a proactive market (where users can take action at the time of an incident happening due to motion sensor trigger, IR vision, 2 way communication features of its devices). Roughly an Rs 17000 crore market size.

b. Luxury Bath & Shower: Inspired by Body Shop this vertical focuses on educating customers about benefits of using natural products vis-à-vis chemical based products. Also these products are not tested on animals thus contribution to the global philanthropic causes of animal protection. A fast growing market with consumer spending upwards of Rs 10000 crore.

c. Air Purification Systems: This is a business vertical which is growing rapidly due to the challenges of increasing pollution and air borne diseases. The growth trend is similar to how water purifier market evolved in the country. It is expected that within the next decade; most of the houses which have a water purifier will also have one air purifier in place. This makes it one of the domains which could exhibit exponential growth in years to come.

d. Darjeeling Tea: The concept behind this vertical is to provide masses access to premium leaf tea; which currently is not easily available to consumers. The leaf teas intrinsically have a lot of health benefits ranging from cutting cholesterol to helping in weight management and controlling sugar levels due to its ability to enhance metabolism of the body. Additionally these leafs can be re-brewed making is very affordable for the consumers. A product line which can be consumed in every household.

e. Financial Services: ZillonLife envisions providing a centralized structure to the currently unorganized tax consultancy market by providing high quality advisory and ITR assistance. This as a vertical has potential to cater to 5.8 crore population of India which currently are filing tax returns.

f. Luxury electronics: Through this vertical the goal is to cater to new age population who have interest into adventure sports, IoT devices etc. The current offering consists of adventure travel cameras & wifi connector sockets.

g. Home Décor: A platform to connect local artists with art connoisseur.

To summarize it is an evolving eco-system which is expanding organically and due to fast decision making and futuristic outlook of the founders the company is always ready to embrace new technology and explore uncharted domain. Watch out what the future beholds; may be its time to explore the world of blockchain now !



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