8 social media marketing trends you should focus on in 2018

Debasis Panda

With another new year at our kitty, we need to invest some time in planning and strategizing the online campaigns. After all, keeping an eye on the latest marketing trends is important as well. So don’t skip on that. There is nothing worry about if your ‘what’s next’ list isn’t yet ready? Here is a list of top social media marketing trends you should focus on and implement in your social media marketing strategy in 2018.

1.Buying opportunities on Instagram

Instagram stories could bring some big deals for your business. If you are using the Instagram trends to your advantage already, great; but if not it’s time to add it to your social media campaign list. As a matter of fact, Instagram Stories feature more daily viewers in comparison to the number of SnapChat’s daily viewers. This growth will multiply in 2018 as well.

Now Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers have the option of adding a link to their website link in the Instagram story. Definitely, this is a big deal because it multiplies inquiry or buying opportunities and elevates the magnitude of orders. From a marketing perspective, the metrics of Instagram Stories is high in comparatively.

2. Social Media Influencer Campaigns

Social media platforms in the previous year were flooded with Influencer Marketing pins and this trend will continue to be effective this year as well. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best ways to advertise the products/services of a brand on various platforms. In this form of marketing, the company hires influencers who spread information about its products/services through their social media channels. Unlike, traditional advertising methods the Social Media Influencer Campaigns spread information about the brand among a huge number of loyal social media users.

3. Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming topped the list of 2017’s most popular social media marketing trends. The same will be the case this year as well. In fact, this year it’s going to be even more expansive. Going live with the followers, interacting, and sharing information through live coverage offers an added advantage to the marketers. In addition, Live videos allow the Companies to introduce their employees to their followers, show off their exclusive sales and offers, behind the scene work, etc. We might get some new live streaming tools this year for easier and edgy marketing through live streaming.

4. Increasing Brand’s Popularity on Messaging Platforms

This is one of those social media marketing tips that are sure to give you great results. Needless to mention, messaging platforms are becoming increasingly popular among the marketers. The reason? They help in providing personalized experiences to the clients as well as to the customers. Platforms like WhatsApp and Wechat makes it possible to for the brand owners to provide direction and insights of their products/services to the potential customers. Engaging the audience through these platforms could make a big difference in taking your business to next level of success.And with the introduction of Facebook Messenger plugin for business websites, this trend is going to be more interesting.

5. Online Hangouts

Online hangouts and live streaming videos trend go hand-in-hand. Top brand marketers consider hangouts as one of the important tools to reach out to the new audience or say the new generation. In 2018, things will be a little a different from the previous year. Beta testing of a number of promising programs is under the belts of social media platforms like Facebook. New improved technologies will provide exciting ways to bridge gap between the brands and their potential audience.

6. Focusing on Gen Z

It’s time to be more cautious and focused on Generation Z. This is one of the most compelling social media marketing tips for 2018. This generation will be more valuable to the brand owners than millennials for a simple reason that they are influenced by discounts or sales on social media. The Generation Z also known as iGeneration, Post-Millennials, or Homeland Generation includes fresh college pass outs that will just enter or have already entered the corporate life.Most of Generation Z have used the Internet since a young age, and they are generally comfortable with technology and with interacting with social media.Considering their buying habits it will be important to create a marketing plan in order to target their buying habits.

7. Marketing through Artificial Intelligence Tools

It is due to the collaboration of social media marketing with AI that users see advertisements of their search results on the platforms as well. Over 50% of the marketers are already using Artificial Intelligence to their advantage. This trend will grow with advancements in technology. According to the experts, the growth is estimated around 53% in coming years. A huge figure, yeah!Tools like Voice assistants, Chatbots, and Artificial intelligence, will empower the brands to offer customized shopping experiences to their consumers while meeting their queries efficiently.

8. Advertising on Online Entertainment Platforms

Yes, it’s the television but we are not talking about the ads streaming on 50 or 70 inches TV set. Online platforms like Amazon, Youtube, Facebook,Netflix have already come up with the idea of TV series’ under their banner. This has turned out to be a great opportunity for the companies to advertise their products on these platforms.These platforms are doing a great job in increasing the popularity of brands (through paid measures though) and they’ll continue to be popular in 2018 and the upcoming years.

The Concluding Word:

Social media marketing trends are just the ‘icebreakers’ that help in pooling huge number of customers. Bear in mind, they are not the only thing that will help your business in beating the heat of competition. Trust and transparency continue to be in the big picture when it comes to keeping the number of consumers high. It is advised to get into more and more acts of transparency this year in order to beef up your marketing strategy. Don’t keep your brand limited to a particular type of service or image. To get the best out of your marketing strategies consider adding a human element to your advertisements. Consider reaching out to your consumers and showcasing their experience with your product/service on social media platforms. Just be creative in whatever strategy you apply.

Thanks for reading! :)

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