I, Racist
John Metta

I have a lot of sympathy for this description of the blindness of white people to racism. However I think you miss a very important issue.

While it is true that blacks are massively overrepresented in prisons — and that is a tragedy in so many ways— it is also true that the MAJORITY of murders and violent crime in the United States is commited by less than 5% of the population — young black males.

Yes, young black males face terrible economic, social, and racially biased circumstances that make them far more likely to end up violent criminals. However that does not change a sad fact — young black men in America ARE more dangerous than young white men.

This observation is not racist. It makes me feel incredibly sad, even racist, to make the observation, but it is fact. I have personally buried myself in crime statistics trying to find another explanation to no avail. The worst part of this is that it reinforces and justifices racism, which further oppresses the vast majority of blacks who are not criminals.

In my opinion, if we can address the outrageously high violent crime rates in black communities, racism will be a far easier problem to address. When you have an easily recognizable racial segment of the population committing violent crime at ten times the rate of other populations, accounting for the majority of violence, how can racism die?

I too want racism to be seen for what it is and disappear. I don’t see that happening without changing these numbers.

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