Why We’re Giving Away Money To Our Members

There’s an old saying that goes “You get out what you put in.” and in today’s world it seems as though that’s the furthest from the truth. We have blue collar workers digging trenches, working in landfills, and cleaning public restrooms making barely enough money to stay above the poverty line. Now, before you think this is one of those posts I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. We’re not here to rant about equality and determine who deserves what. This is about providing something for those that need a little help. Before we get into that let’s quickly summarize exactly what our forum offers.

Our forum is based around giving to those that put in some work. It’s nothing like cleaning a public bathroom at a gas station but it’s still time consuming. We hand out money to people who put some effort in to defending their opinions. Sounds easy right? Wrong. You are up against a bunch of different people at once who believe your opinion is the wrong opinion. You won’t get away with saying things like “Well I don’t need to explain myself” or “Your mom”. It’s the time to not only defend yourself but to persuade others. Your goal is to try and get someone to understand and possibly change their opinion on the topic provided. When other members see you providing good points for why you think your opinion is right, you get promoted (see below).

The number in the box is the amount of promotions you have. The higher the number, the better. That number will get you badges which will turn into points which will get you higher on the leaderboard which will get you PAID. That’s how the system works. If it sounds goofy right now it’s okay, it will make sense when you see it in action. People love to share their opinion and people love to make money online. We offer the opportunity to do both.

Debate Smash is not about making it easy to make money but providing the opportunity to make money while meeting people with the same interests as you. We have never seen a forum that pays their members, which makes websites like ours rare. We don’t ask for a sign up fee and we never will. We currently accept donations but it’s entirely optional. We will have to depend on a few ads to provide the money to pay our winners when our traffic increases but we aren’t going to flood our forum with them and we won’t annoy you with those Pop-Up ads. Those can burn in hell. So forget selling your grandmother’s jewelry on eBay or working 30 hours a week for a paycheck that can’t even pay for your kid’s diapers. It’s time to hop on our forum and start making money, because you deserve it and you know it.

Originally published at www.debatesmash.com.

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