The Press should not give publicity to terrorists
Tobias Stone

I have questions:

#1. Why does the Muslim element go out into the world to spew their law?

#2. Why do we in peaceful countries become the first they invade with their laws and religion beliefs, and then insist their law be recognized?

#3. Why do we as peaceful countries try to accommodate an element that does not plan to assimilate into the host culture?

#4. Why should the anger be disparaged when this element changes a culture that has existed for hundreds of years?

#5. The EU imposed “standards” on countries that found it difficult to manage compliance, and moved them to accept cultures against their standards.

#6. Why is the ANGER at a boiling point? Must you pose that question?

#7. If the press did not give publicity to the terrorists, how would you know they are out there and coming soon?


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