Inspiration from Friends: Starting Another Company at Age 74
francine hardaway


This past Saturday I attended the AZ Children’s Business Fair and was astounded at all the young people that were aspiring entrepreneurs, starting from grades 1 through 8.

Then all weekend I started thinking about myself and can I start something new and exciting at my age, I’m 78. I was very encouraged to read your blog about being 74 and starting something new.

Like you, making millions would be nice, but that’s not the be all, end all. My goal is to do what I can, along with my partner of many years, to create something that benefits the entrepreneurial / innovative communities.

We’re making some plans, meeting with some folk to explore the possibilities and things do look promising.

I have a poster on my refrigerator that always brings me a smile, is inspiring and keeps me going, perhaps it will do the same for all us that are ‘young at heart’.

“I want to be an OUTRAGEOUS old woman who never gets called old lady. I want to get leaner and meaner, sharp-edged and earth-colored til I fade away from pure joy.”

The name on the poster and who may be the author is Patricia Bailey.

I would also be interested in seeking additional means of making money, until our ‘big’ plans come into effect.

When I told Jerry about your ‘t-shirts’ he said he was thinking all weekend about the saying, “Innovate Everything.”

If there is anything in what I’ve said that inspires someone or could benefit someone - that floats my boat!