Adam & Sara’s Coffee Mug Chronicles

Coffee House Romance

Sara was sitting by the window of the coffee shop spinning her coffee mug round and round in her hands. She was a nervous wreck waiting to meet a gentleman who could choose to publish or not publish her book. He held her fate as a future published author in his hands. She kept trying to remember it was just another Sunday, but she knew it wasn’t. This time was different. She waited in the coffee shop lost in thought. She wrote in a coffee shop, but this time she was lost in anticipation. He had picked this coffee shop for them to meet. She waited continuing to twirl her now empty coffee mug in hand. 
 The weather was radiating how she was feeling on the inside. It was dark and a feverish sky outside was threatening to storm. The clouds came in quickly just like her anxiety. Her mood and this weather scared her and in he walked the guy who decided if she got published or not. They were here to discuss her book deal and she needed to focus. She thought her heart would stop when her eyes reached him. He was so good looking. He had dark skin and dark hair, maybe he was Greek; whatever he was he was nothing short of gorgeous. Her breath caught in her throat as she struggled to say hello. Her breathing was so spastic that she could feel the air hit her lungs. He had walked right up to her with all the confidence in the world and introduced himself. She began to breathe normal again and got up as gracefully as she could to shake his hand. Her heel got stuck on the stool and she tripped right into his arms. He caught her, said hello, and she mumbled hello back embarrassed and beet red at her lack of grace.

Her heart started racing again the minute his arms were around her. She was relieved to feel his was racing too. He was just as anxious as she was, but was hiding it much better than she was. She realized there was now more to this meeting then landing a publisher for her book. She knew instantly that she could fall in love. If only she could keep it from showing on her face.

Adam and Sara settled down into their seats, both pretending nothing had happened. Sara pulled out her notes on Seattle and her research she had so far for her first book. As she pulled out her papers they flew all over the coffee house floor and scattered everywhere. Adam rose instantly and bent down to gather as much as he could. Other patrons helped gather the rest. Sara was so red with embarrassment she couldn’t even move. She timidly thanked everyone who handed her, her papers. Adam sat back down with a huge stack of her work in his hands. She tried graciously to take them, but grace had left the building a while ago. Adam helped Sara get her book ideas and her research back in order as best he could. She couldn’t believe that within fifteen minutes of meeting him, she needed his rescuing twice.

Adam noticed how on edge he made Sara, so he offered to get some coffee for them both and take it from the top again. Sara was sure she had already lost a publisher with her scattered mess, but he was sweet, so she said yes. Adam came back to Sara with two coffees and two chocolate croissants. She loved that he thought about something sweet for her, but then it came to her, maybe he thought her sugar was low and that was why she was such a mess, but if so, why did he get himself one also? She began twirling this new coffee mug around in her hands nervously. Sara knew she was reading too much into this. She was seeing her falling into him, to dropping the papers, and to why he got her a treat and was reading into it. She decided since she probably already lost him as a publisher to just enjoy the company and the free sweets.

After a few minutes of awkward silence Adam started to talk to her about her book. He was still interested in publishing it and wanted to know where she sees her story line going. Sara started to riffle through all the papers and gave up. She looked at Adam and said, “I had this all planned out, a presentation, show you my research, everything and now it’s ruined.”

Adam looked at her and said, “Tell me without all the paperwork about your story. We

can deal with researching later. I want to know about your story.”

This put Sara at ease and she began telling him about her story she wanted to write. Her story was about a writer, like her, who dreams of moving to Seattle to live her life by sharing her gift of writing with others. She knew others were chasing the dream of being a writer, but maybe needed a little encouragement. She wanted to wanted her book to have meaning.

Sara continued by saying, “The main character was a female, mid-thirties and single. She was named Emma. Emma wanted to work at local coffee houses and teach writing workshops. Emma had just finished college the autumn before and thought she knew the world, but the world will turn her visions of real life upside down. Life will teach Emma about hardships, determination and advantages of having a strong will. She will learn what it actually takes to survive outside of her college life.

Adam seemed interested in where Sara was going with the story. Sara told Adam how she was going around the west coast seeking out coffee places that would even consider letting a person do writing workshops in their establishments. This was the research part of her trip. She also contacted campuses too, but Adam was not interested in hearing about that part. By this point he was just watching Sara talk. Adam let Sara talk till she was finished and then said, “Do you have any plans for dinner?”

Sara was back in her hotel room looking at everything she packed for this trip. She arranged it all onto her hotel bed. Nothing seemed right for her dinner date with Adam. She still had a few hours and decided to venture into town again on the hunt for the right dress. She wanted something casual, because she wasn’t sure this was even a date. Armed with her credit card she headed out. She walked around Seattle till she found Air. Air was a store that had light and breezy sundresses that felt as light as air. Sara walked into the store. It smelled like the beach. She was sure they were piping in that smell as she was miles away from any beach. A tall slender blond sales lady walked up to her to ask if she needed help. She told the way to tan women that she was just looking. Then proceeded to tell her about her date, or maybe it was not a date. Either way Sara needed a dress. The lady went into the backroom while Sara looked around the store. The clothes seemed to float on invisible beams. Floating air dresses. Sara made her way to her signature color, blue, but the sales lady headed her off from reaching it with all sorts of bright yellows and orange dresses. Sara was not so sure that a first date with Adam was the time to change her color. She took the sales ladies dresses into the changing room and began to try them on.

Thirty minutes lady Sara emerged triumphantly from the store. She had her brand new orange dress. It had a floral motif to it and had cream and yellow grand flowers covering the whole dress. Sara thought the dress seemed bold. She was not a bold person, but decided that she probably would not see Adam again and this was a good time to be bold. “Well”, she thought,” I probably could not act bold, but at least my dress could”. 
 Sara took a shower to make sure she didn’t smell like the beach from Air and washed her hair for her date. Progress Sara thought, at least now I am calling it a date.

Sara then blow dried her hair and put on a little make up. She hadn’t worn a lot when she met Adam and he thought she was pretty, so she didn’t want to put on a lot on now. A little powder and some pink lip gloss and Sara was ready.

Sara put on her sandals and sprayed a little perfume on, after all this was a date, and she was done. She grabbed her bag, her hotel key and was out the door.

They had agreed to meet at the restaurant since Adam was coming from work and would be even later if he picked Sara up. It was 8pm as Sara entered the restaurant. Adam wasn’t there yet. She checked her phone, but no messages. Sara walked up to the bar and had a seat. The bartender asked what she wanted and she didn’t know. She smiled and said, “Rum and coke”, she had heard a friend order one once and thought it sounded delicious. The drink came quick and was gone quicker. Sara hadn’t realized till then that she was so nervous. As she started feeling sick to her stomach from drinking her drink so fast, Adam enters and smiled at her. Adam’s smile was so warm and inviting that Sara was convinced she could melt from it.

Adam walked up to Sara and was planning to apologize for being a bit late, but he was stopped by how beautiful she looked in this bright orange dress. 
 Adam told Sara, “You look amazing.”

Sara blushed and quietly said, “So do you.”

Adam got their table and they made their way to it. The place wasn’t crowded and they could move around it easily. Adam pulled out Sara’s chair. Sara sat down realizing she was nervous again as to what they would talk about. She was ready to open her mouth and talk about her book, but Adam began talking first.

“Sara”, he said, “Seattle seems to suite you.”

Sara hadn’t realized how at ease she was in this big city. She had grown up in a rural town in upper New York State and even though New York City was in the state, she hated going to it. Too much noise and way too many people and she couldn’t hear herself think. As a writer being able to hear yourself think was very important.

The waitress asked what they would like to drink and they both said “Coffee”. She brought two coffees and took their order. As they talked Sara noticed Adam was twirling his coffee mug now in his hands. It was a sign he was nervous too. She stopped twirling her coffee mug and sat intently listening to Adam talk.

Adam made small talk, but then got around to discussing relationships. She knew definitely now that this WAS a date. Adam told her about his one fiancée, but that she ran off to find herself and he hadn’t heard from her since. Sara wondered if she was supposed to share about her past relationships too, but she just met this man a few days ago and decided he didn’t need to know her history of failed relationships. She just replied saying that she was sorry it did not work out for him. Neither one was not spinning their coffee mugs, but instead were gazing into each others eyes as if they were each trying to decipher each other.

They talked about Seattle weather and about how residences of Seattle deal with all the rain. He told her about the woods and how green and lush they were and how he wanted to take her hiking to show her Seattle’s true natural beauty. He told her all about mushrooms and how he liked to lay on the forest floor and take photos of the tiny mushrooms. Her mind was now thinking about how she could never live somewhere that has so much rain, but Adam was repeating something she missed. 
 “Would you like to go on a hike tomorrow?”
 Sara told Adam she was planning on flying home tomorrow to work on the novel she was trying to sell him on. She needed to write. She needed a publisher to give her a paycheck for her upcoming novel and she thought maybe by accepting this date she had crossed a line. 
 “I am flying home tomorrow Adam”, Sara said.
 Adam pointed out that plane tickets could be changed. Sara went over in her head how much it would be. She was here on her last dime to pitch her story to him in hopes of getting published. Adam could sense something was wrong and said, “Oh so I meant to give you this. It is your advance check from my company. We are buying your book.”

Sara could breathe again, but wasn’t sure if it was the date that made him buy her book or not. She thought about it and he must have had the check before the date and she decided that she got it on her writing merits alone. She said thank you to him and assured him it would be an amazing book. He was not worried, after all how could he be with her in that orange cling tight dress. Sara realized he was staring at her in the dress and she decided using her credit card for it was the right decision. After they finished the meal, Adam pulled out her chair and they took a walk to the harbor where Adam firmly planted his first kiss on Sara’s glossed lips.

Sara headed home the next day, unpacked her suitcase and pulled out a coffee mug that she purchased at the coffee house in Seattle. She twirled the mug again in her hands. Ran her fingers up and down the sides of the coffee mug, smiled, and placed it on her kitchen shelf. It would always remind her of him.