Wink from the Universe!

Stay open to the Universe & watch the Magic unfold!

What’s a Wink to me?





It’s the Universe (God, Jesus, Ascended Masters, Saints, Angels, Guides, Helpers and Ancestors, all light beings of LOVE or ABOVE) letting you know you are not alone on your Journey here on Earth, assisting you to UP-Spiral your Energy to the Love that you are, getting you into alignment with the Universe/God and your Limitlessness, being in total alignment with your Soul and being ONE WITH the UNIVERSE/GOD, Letting you know you are on the right path and doing great work & supported by an indescribable force of LOVE! Letting you know All is well!

Winks are Synchronicities, Serendipities, Ah-ha, laugh out loud, mind blowing, take your breath away, speechless moments! They are people, places & things that line up for you! Opportunities and possibilities that just show up for you to assist you in living the life you dream of and deserve!

My newest Wink was, “Let it BE”!

I do LOVE to have numerous winks pop in to validate it for me and today was no different. I received 3 winks to validate this for me!

First, the song came in my head on a walk on the beach where I was over thinking things and looking for an answer from the Universe, when I realized I was playing this song in my head, I stopped and started to remember the words. I looked up the words, OH MY! Mother Mary is always with me so this made perfect sense to me! Ah-ha moment, DIVINE!

Here are some of the lyrics I was hearing in my head!

When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

Let it be

And in my hour of darkness

She is standing right in front of me

Speaking words of wisdom

Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be

Whisper words of wisdom

Let it BE

Of course! Let it BE!!Get out of the way and let it BECOME! I laughed and shifted my energy back to a place of allowing and aligning it to BE.

Second, I told my husband about it and in an hour or so, he saw “Let it Be” on a bumper sticker on a car! He took a picture of it and came over to show me. We both just stared at it in awe.

Third, we went to a cider bar in Santa Cruz and I was looking at the list of ciders they had on tap and there it was again! Let it BE! We laughed out loud! You can’t make this stuff up! I enjoyed a refreshing cider called Let it BE! Stay open to the signs… they will pop up everywhere!






Each wink is to assist you in UP-Spiraling your Vibration so you can be a match for all of your dreams & desires. They are all POSITIVE Energy, tools & keys to assist you in letting go of old negative mindset thoughts and beliefs and to bring in PURE POSITIVE HIGH VIBRATIONAL changes & shifts for you! Filled with Ah-ha moments & Synchronicities! It can take a bit of work to get into a place of allowing, receiving, alignment and to be open to the winks from the Universe but it is totally worth it. Start with having fun with it and letting the Universe know you are open to your winks! Once you start to see your winks you will understand the Universe is always conspiring in your favor & the LOVE for you is unconditional!

By “Work” I mean:

W-orthy of Wisdom (universal)

O-pen to receive ( let it BECOME )

R-eady to Renew ( allow and align yourself to a new positive mindset )

K-nowledge & Kindness (for ourselves & others)

Stay open to the Winks and Blow your Own MIND! Enjoy your Journey!

Blessings to you!

Debbie Collins