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No one is going to teach you how to become a digital nomad

Are you looking for some advice on how to become a digital nomad?

Here are two cents from someone that has been traveling the world while working remotely for the past four years:

No one is going to teach you how to become a digital nomad.


There’s no other way to learn how to work remotely and travel the world other than doing it yourself.

Each one of us are in different working fields. I’ve met people working remotely with psychology, illustration, medicine, cryptocurrency, education and even oceanography. Even if you work as a writer and digital planner, like myself, your path can be completely different than mine.

If you want to become a digital nomad, you have to find the sweet spot between what you already know (or what you're willing to learn) and what you're able to do online.

It’s possible that you will not be able to become a digital nomad doing exactly the job you’re doing right now. But you can use everything you already know to create a remote opportunity.

Please, don’t throw the experience you gained working for years in your field out of the window. Use the knowledge you already have in your favour and make it an advantage.

There’s no such thing as a single secret formula to become a digital nomad.

My advice for you can be summarized in three steps

  • Step 2
    Make sure you’re earning more than you’re spending
  • Step 3
    Buy a plane ticket, book accomodation and go

You’re a nomad.

It doesn’t matter how long you’re gonna be away from your home country. If you’re gonna have a place to get back to. The work you do. The size of your luggage.

As long as you have work that allows you to be location independent and fund your lifestyle, you’re all set.

You will figure out everything else on the way.

After you start working online while traveling, you will learn:

- your own pace
- if it's really necessary to carry all that stuff
- if you like coworking spaces
- how you’re gonna make friends

Hell, you’re even going to find out if this lifestyle is really for you.

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You will learn that you can even take your dog with you. For real.

Don't worry about any of those things now.

Just focus on getting yourself a remote job.

Along the way, you will find formulas, courses, rules, boot camps and retreats about becoming a digital nomad. They’re not bad at all, but it doesn’t mean that you have to sign up to a single one of them in order to become a successful digital nomad.

Find yourself a remote job. Make sure you’re earning more than you’re spending. Book your first destination.

You only have to be, well, location independent.

You don't have to become a programmer nor run a business. To become a digital nomad you just need a fully digital job. You’re not going to be less of a remote worker than anyone else.

You can read a thousand articles on Medium, sign up for three courses and be part of a retreat for weeks.

You’re still gonna need to find out how to fund your travels by yourself.

So start now.

What are you good at?
What are you capable of doing that people would pay you to do?
How can you do this remotely?

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I write stories and create digital strategies for brands. Traveling the world full-time with my dogs while working remotely. Find me @debbiecorrano

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