When Your Pastor Lies To Your Face For Five Years
Andy Traub

Two years ago I walked through a similar set of feelings — as did my children. We were not lied to, exactly, but ….

After being away from church for several years, I went seeking a church for my family. My criteria — the kids will want to go back a second time, and a third and a fourth, without me dragging them out of bed to attend.

We found a local non-denominational church. The music was loud and upbeat ; the message was full of Bible passages I could go home and study out— I loved it! The youth pastor preached with no shoes on — the kids loved it!

We attended and were deeply involved for over seven years.

But around year five, into year six, I began to become restless. Looking over my notes, they had become shorter, with less Bible references. I became frustrated and the youth pastor with no shoes, he had moved on.

I started noticing a common theme among the messages. Feel good phrases that lacked substance and biblical foundation.

“We are going to take the church through the roof!”

“We are here to raise the standard in the community.”

“We are not a perfect church — there is no such thing — but we moving up and forward.”

What. Does. That. All. Mean?

I struggled. I grew angry. I grew weary.

I wanted a church that fed me and in turn I could feed others and the community. I didn’t want empty sayings that sounded good on a t-shirt.

Fast forward… we are at our new church for two years now. My husband and I, along with both our kids, are dialed into a large church, where the Pastor has preached the entire New Testament line by line — expository preaching. He’s done through a large chunk of the Old Testament as well in his twenty-five years at this same church.

As I transitioned from one church to the other, I felt confusion, anger, sadness, resignation, apathy and finally renewed faith.

It was a journey. It was a process. And it was hard.