If you want to learn Data Science, start with one of these programming classes
David Venturi

Cool thanks for this! Really helpful to have an informed curated opinion when faced with so much choice. Am going to sign up for the Learning to Programme course. I find these online courses hard to complete though. The only html / css course I could get through was Shay Howe’s and more recently General Assembly’s Dash but only the first two modules.The Tumblr theme took too long. I liked the Future Learn course that I did (3 weeks but I did it in 3 days) because it doesn’t force you to watch a lot of long boring videos that cannot be watched at 2x speed (which is my problem with edX courses — so many great ones but so hard to go through without being distracted or bored). I tried Free Code Camp too but it was too difficult for me a year ago. I’d get stuck and all the community help I’d get would be “go figure it out!”. But can’t you just give me the answer to type in? “No that’s not the way it works”. :) So I gave up. Perhaps it’s time to try again.