SALES FUEL — playbook for how to get more clients

When I started my company, I had this saying that I repeated in my head…”We’re fresh out of free!”

It didn’t work for me, since so much of my career, I gave away my advice, ideas and best insights for free to my clients. Switching to being paid for my knowledge, skills and experience was a challenge until I found a balance.

Today I am the founder and CEO of, a membership organization providing entrepreneurs and professionals with new and better ways for how to get more clients. I share all my best insights in the courses I offer on sales and marketing. Then I found a way to give away the best of what I know. My clients who benefit most by the marketing and sales courses look to others who have accomplished what they want to achieve. So I’m sharing 3 proven strategies used by wildly successful entrepreneurs and I even use these strategies myself.

SALES FUEL is my new eBook and personal playbook on how to get more clients. I’m Giving Away One Million Copies before offering it for sale on Amazon and would like your help.

Please share the link with anyone you believe would benefit by growing their customer base and expanding their influence.

Build the Business and Life You Crave!

Debbie Donaldson, Founder & CEO

CEO of, a member organization providing entrepreneurs and business professionals new and better solutions for how to get more customers.

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