How to fight against your cyberbully

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Cyberbullying: Anything posted online that is intended to hurt or upset someone. (Anya Skrba,

We already know that 73% of students have been bullied online. However adult cyberbullying is not talked about as often, and yet its scourge is so debilitating. Its full impact can’t truly be measured.

53% of American adults have experienced cyberbullying and 37% were severely impacted to the tune of physical threats, sexual harassment, stalking, and sustained harassment. Given that the Internet is global, we can expect the numbers are similar in other countries.

Anyone who stands out visibly (celebrity, politician, female, LGBTQ) is a target. …


Debbie Elicksen

Writer, Digital Communications. PR. Canadian. Once lived in a locker room. Atlanta Falcons fan. TESOL Certificate.

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