Cheats Never Prosper.

Half hearted effort = half the results.

Take a moment to think about all those things you’ve shown an interest in and then given them up before you gave it a chance to return the results you could have had. Think about the last thing you decided not to continue and look at your reasoning. Were you really committed in the first place?

The truth is you were never really committed. You were just interested. You just dabbled. The moment it got uncomfortable or inconvenient you gave yourself excuses to become disinterested.

Interest is not commitment.

Commitment is doing what you said you’d do, long after the mood you said you’d do it in has left you. To allow your brilliance to shine. To be become the best version of you that you can. To tap into you potential and live a balanced abundant life it takes commitment.

Never conquering those things you know you need to deal with, mastering yourself and discovering how to live life at its very best, is to just exist and go through the motions of living.

Stop cheating yourself out of achieving greatness.