The Gift of Another Day.

A luxury some will not experience whilst you have another chance to start again.

My own younger brothers life was cut short and expired on New Years Eve many years ago. A night I’m sure my parents will never forget.

With this haunting memory and the loss of a few friends and family this year I’m reminded this New Year’s Eve in particular how blessed I am to be given the gift of another year.

I accept this precious gift each year feeling thankful for all I have and reflecting on the year gone by the highs and the lows. As each year passes the highs get higher and last longer, the lows don’t get so low for quite so long. This is the beauty of wisdom and hindsight you can learn lessons and apply your knew knowledge to avoid making the same mistakes twice!

Accept the wondrous gift of a new year with gratitude.

As tomorrow dawns take heart you got through another year when many didn’t make it, spare a moment and raise a glass in memory of those we’ve said farewell too.

Celebrate your achievements and plan to live next year like it’s your last, after all you have …

  • A new chance to begin again.
  • A blank canvas to create new opportunities.
  • An empty book to write a new story.
  • refreshed hard drive to store more memories.

The only new year resolution you need to make is the commitment to yourself to enjoy this amazing gift of life bestowed upon you and not take it for granted.

Wishing you everything you’re prepared to go out there and make happen and so much more in 2016.

Happiest of New Years to you all.