There isn’t a single substantive argument in this post.
Laurel Kornfeld

  1. She is nuts because she believes vaccines cause autism. This is a dangerous position that has encouraged the resurfacing of measles and whopping cough and is based on discredited pseudo science.
  2. 100% sustainable energy policy is unimplementable with gas prices as low as they are and no we are not banning frakking with republicans in charge of congress and most state houses.

3. Guaranteed minimum wage just encourages automation already underway in many industries. And jobs as a right? How is that implementable? And why not just go with guaranteed minimum income?

4. Free college for all, why? I don’t want to pay for wealthy kids to go to college

5. Anti poverty programs she proposes are expensive and require massive bureaucracy. Now you want to talk about guaranteed monthly income sure, but her anti poverty proposals are nothing new and definitely not innovative

6. Don’t get me started on anti gmo nonsense.

7. Truth and reconciliation commission? Come on. How about we just use models of cities like Dallas who are doing policing right.

8. Cut military spending by 50%? Dude we live in a country where half the country thinks Isis is invading tomorrow. Never mind that we have a moral responsibility to help the citizens of the Middle East. Getting rid of drones? Why? They save us lives.

8. Why do we need a constitutional right to vote? Some of her voting reform ideas are good but ranked choice voting is bad, just ask the citizens of Oakland.

Managerial experience does matter, you may not agree with Clinton, but I am not all comfortable with the idea of dr. Stein having to make the hard international decisions, we live in a complicated world and just saying war is bad is not a good policy position.

And after all of that, she will not get on the ballot in all 50 states, she will not be invited to the debates and I’ll be surprised if she gets more than 1%’of the vote nationwide. At this point, Clinton is going to win, so I say, vote stein, vote harambe, vote Johnson, vote your conscience for sure, but don’t pretend dr. Stein is going to win, she’s not.