Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

Hillary Clinton isn’t a victim. She is a PERPETRATOR.

Cherry picking certain items to the exclusion of her full record is how her supporters are REDUCED to defending the indefensible with Hillary.

Hillary and war: Hillary Clinton is a HAWK. Hillary Clinton was a parrot of the Bush administration’s rational for committing war crimes in Iraq. It was ENTIRELY possible to see that the Bush administration was dishonestly manipulating the intelligence to lead us into breaking international law. Sanders did and so did other politicians, military experts, and citizens (a million of us marched in the streets to STOP IT). The fact that her support of this atrocity that resulted in the deaths of over a half million Iraqi citizens, three million Iraqi refugees, and a million women and children driven into the sex trade isn’t a DEAL BREAKER for dems reveals a highly ugly truth. Most Democrats care not a WIT about the harm OUR politicians caused and the destabilization OUR politicians created in aiding and abetting Bush to commit a war crime, they only care about the issue if it shows the opposing party ‘team’ in a negative light. And, that is HORRIFIC. Now, Clinton says she ‘made a mistake’ (that isn’t opps, I broke a dish — you have that poor of judgement you should DROP out of politics not seek to be rewarded with the Presidency). Yet, she LED the exact same policy of regime change in Libya with Gaddaffi and repeated the EXACT same mistake. Now, she wants a no fly zone in Syria which will put on a trajectory with war with Russia and she went to the Brookings Institute and gave a speech where she stated the Iran deal will make war with that country ultimately EASIER.

THAT is her record on war (that is a short summary, many more horrors could be included)

As for your first grader rationale for her accepting millions from Wall St, fossil fuel interests, big pharm, weapons manufacturers, ‘he did it TOO’, all I can say that two wrongs don’t make a right and others unethical and corrupt behavior do not EXCUSE Clinton from her own actions. Being a woman isn’t a get of jail free card to excuse every instance of poor judgement and bad behavior, and YOU are demeaning female empowerments using it as such.

As for the email server scandal, if you look at Clinton’s own ACTIONS outside her ‘republican conspiracy’ defense, her use of a private server should ENRAGE any person who cares about government transparency and keeping information of public official under the domain of the Freedom of Information act. By SOLELY utilizing an unencrypted private server, she not only subverted government oversight, she also placed classified information (some at the highest levels) at risk. As for her defense that she didn’t know it was classified at the time, spare us. It just came out that Clinton AUTHORED 104 emails that were later classified by the Justice Department (OBAMA’s Justice Department) and the law is very clear it is the CONTENT of the material that decides what is classified not its labeling. And, it would have been Clinton’s RESPONSIBILITY to mark those emails when she WROTE them. Clinton DELIBERATELY subverted transparency laws, placed classified information at risk, and now is under CRIMINAL investigation for her actions (the New York Times came out this WEEK and stated that this is not a security review as Clinton has distorted, but a FBI CRIMINAL investigation). Again, it is Clinton as PERPETRATOR, not as victim. Her inability to take the most BASIC responsibility (she says, I am sorry, I did nothing wrong in literally the same breath), shows this person has neither the ethics, credibility, or judgement for DOG CATCHER let alone the Presidency.

My plea to her supporters is OPEN your eyes. You are projecting your own anger at the unfairness women have experienced in the patriarchal power structure and being driven to defend a woman who ADVANCES that same power structure. Something VERY wrong there. Something highly dishonest. Something not very FEMINIST.

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