Hey Francesca

Does his wife know about you? And if so, is she OK with the arrangement? If she doesn’t now, have you thought about the pain it might cause her if she were to find out? Would that even bother you, one tiny bit, that you have caused pain for another human being?

This article seriously makes you sound like a petulant child… It’s too hard to find a single man who can give you the same type of relationship as you have with this married man. At 55 years old, trust me. I’ve found that finding love is never easy. You have to actually work at it… And in your case with a Single man.

As a married woman, it would kill my soul to find out my husband was having a relationship with someone like you.

Maybe you should try a little soul-searching. Maybe it’s not a problem with the men around you. Perhaps you’re just too lazy or don’t have the time or energy to find a man of your own.

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