Top 4 businesses you can start in 2020

Debbie O'Brien
Dec 6, 2019 · 4 min read

Let’s face it, the market is witnessing a dramatic shift. With on-demand services taking the lead, experts have termed the remarkable turn of events as “colossal”. 2019 is close to its end, however, 2020 has numerous tricks up its sleeve. If you ever wonder about what business to start in the new year, then by all means, read on.

On-demand taxi business like Uber:

Heard of Uber? Yes, you have, if not, kindly step outside. The San-Francisco startup has shaken the entire on-demand service ecosystem thanks to its easy to use platform. Leading reports showcase a shift of US adults using ride-hailing services from 15% in 2015 to 36% in 2018, something that caught the world’s attention.

With the ride-sharing industry recording strong growth in terms of revenue and ridership, it’s the most ideal business to enter and thrive for entrepreneurs and startups. To make things simple, you require an Uber Clone App that replicates or even goes beyond the call of duty. With numerous Taxi Booking App Development companies in the market, time to begin your search for the best one.

Food delivery business like Ubereats:

Food makes us all go gaga. The traditional market involved a person traveling to the eatery, placing the order, and waiting. However, with on-demand food delivery services, with just a few taps on an app screen, voila, the doorbell rings, and on the other side of the door, delicious food is waiting to be consumed.

Now, it may sound easy, but a lot of work goes behind making the functionality smooth. The trend has witnessed 60% of US consumers ordering delivery or take out services once a week. Ubereats, a major contributor to the popular trend, has taken the market by storm with its food delivery services.

However, the market is struggling to cater to the growing demand for timely food delivery services. Enter and thrive with an Ubereats clone with popular features. Look for On-demand food delivery app development service providers online and begin your journey to the digital delivery ecosystem.

Multi-service business like Go-Jek:

You may wonder, what is multi-service all about? It’s quite simple. An app platform connecting service seekers with multiple professionals. Thus, it eliminates the necessity to cluster the smart device with infinite applications. Gojek, the Indonesian startup recently earned the unicorn title. Why? Thanks to its unique service platform, Gojek became synonymous with multiple services ranging from cabs, food delivery, medicine delivery, movers, and a whole lot more.

With the market minting billions in revenue each year, cut out a big piece of the pie with an equally performing Gojek Clone. Wondering how? Just get in touch with a trusted Gojek like app development company, share your business ideas, and watch your empire grow seamlessly.

Video streaming business like Netflix:

Netflix and chill? By all means, yes, says the person you date or the one you married (we never judge). The video streaming application surprised the digital market with its round the clock motion-picture services offering global content. With an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019–2023) of 3.2% and user penetration of 14.6 % in 2019 (expected to reach 16.3% by 2023), the lucrative industry shows no sign of a slowdown.

With growing smartphone sales, it is evident that the industry is here to stay and dominate. With a Netflix clone, beat the waiting period for market entry. However, ensure you power the platform with all the right set of features and functionalities. Try searching Video streaming app development services on leading search engines.


It is quite evident. 2020 is the year to thrive for businesses with unique solutions for ride-hailing, food delivery, entertainment, and much more. Don’t let 2020 fade away like 2019. Get started right away and, hopefully, you will be a part of my future writeup “Successful businesses to start in 2021”.

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