Uber clone app: A personalized solution for your taxi business

Debbie O'Brien
Dec 27, 2019 · 3 min read

A few years ago, hiring a taxi was about going to the desired place where it can be availed or randomly calling taxis running on the road that you have no information about. The time has changed, and so has the operation of the taxi business. With the inception of the ride-hailing app Uber, people can now hail a taxi with just a few taps on their smartphones. Thanks to technology! Hiring a taxi has never been this easy.

Apps like Uber has not only made hiring taxis affordable, but also allows users to travel with comfort. Thus, the taxi business is gaining traction among the general public, giving businesses a hope to succeed among the growing competition. If you too want to take part in the growing taxi industry, it’s time to get your app built.

To start with the development, it is essential to arrive at a list of features that are to be included in the app. Let’s have a look at the features included in the ride-hailing app that makes the lives of millions of users effortlessly simple. Also, this writeup will give you a sneak-peek into how you can launch your own app for your ride-hailing business.


In today’s past-faced world, users do not have the patience to wait even for a few minutes to register for any business. Giving them options like signing up using social media accounts might help them to complete the registration process in a few seconds.

Profile maintenance:

Allow both the drivers and the users to edit their profiles so they can update their details when required. It helps you have updated data on your stakeholders.


The base of on-demand services like ride-hailing is the location coordinates. The location of the users found with the assistance of mobile phones and GPS helps the service provider to match them with the drivers nearby, creating thousands of rides without any hassles.

Push notifications:

One of the easiest ways to grab the attention of your end users is by sharing offers and discounts through push notifications. Also, you can notify them about the arrival time and other related details when they book a cab.

Accurate fare estimation:

Providing your customers with precise fare details before they avail your ride-hailing service makes your business more reliable. Also, it helps them make informed decisions. You can also opt for surge pricing when there’s reduced availability of drivers or during peak hours of the day.

Multiple payment options:

With the advancement of technology, users are willing to go cashless. So, integrating multiple payment gateways into your app might gain traction for your app among your target group. Also, it can make them come to your business again and again.

Ratings & Reviews:

Give your users the option to rate and review the ride they undertake. It not only helps other users to choose the drivers based on the ratings they received but also help you improve your quality of service.

The right time to reach the right audience

The time has never been more right than now to develop a ride-hailing app for your business. Users are moving towards technology, and they are no longer willing to call up taxi businesses to get their cab booked. But building an Uber-like app from scratch is time-consuming and might demand a lot of money and resources. The next best alternative that can save you time and resources while delivering a top-notch app is the Uber clone app.

Several companies offer Uber clone app development services. As you get in touch with them, they will understand your requirements and schedule a live demo to help you understand the way they work. You can identify the right company for your app development through the live demo sessions and their previous work. Spending time in choosing the company helps you avoid hassles and launch your app in the market in a flash, giving your taxi business a competitive advantage.

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