Early morning mist hiding ‘base camp’

Watch Out Folks, it’s Infectious!

Gradually, intrepid friends are seeing the light (of the headtorch), grabbing a hammock, hanging out in the woods and make my life much more fun.

The well known local view from the warmth of the sleeping bag.
The newbie, prepared for all eventualities

Friday night promised dry weather and the Roaches promised a scenic, convenient location. Unfortunately, moorland fires meant a move to Plan B nearby.

The ‘newbie’ is very welcome any time as he provided chocolate and a nightcap for all to share.

His set-up was pretty fine too, and declared to be very comfortable.

A different angle on the view from bed. Only hours earlier it had been stars shining through the trees.
A colourful breakfast spot
Taking in the view while the kettle boils….
…before a short walk back to base camp…
…for a tasty breakfast of pancakes and early blackberries.
The first rays of weekend sun hitting the rocks.

Another great night in the woods. Thanks guys, looking forward to next time. The essential teabags are already packed in the first aid kit so I never forget them ever again!