Daily YogiWOD practice.

My name is Debbie Steingesser. I’m a Yoga Alliance Experienced Teacher at the 500-hour level, CrossFit Level-2 Trainer, and Certified MobilityWOD Coach based in Santa Cruz, CA. In 2013, I created YogiWOD.com as a platform to blend my love for teaching yoga to athletes and coaching strength + conditioning to yogis. At the time, I was a coach at the legendary San Francisco CrossFit home of MobilityWOD.com, the brainchild of my family from another mother, Kelly and Juliet Starrett. I was deeply inspired to add the principals of strength, conditioning, mobility, Olympic Lifting, and gymnastics to my palette, after teaching Vinyasa yoga in the SF Bay Area for nearly a decade.

Last spring, I moved to Santa Cruz, CA and began coaching my expression of Yoga for Athletes at the hub of quality movement coaching, CrossFit Santa Cruz, and the fitness mecca itself, CrossFit Headquarters. Throughout my journey I’ve had countless opportunities to test and retest what works when teaching yoga to athletes. The in-person classes I lead draw on my experience studying movement, yoga, kirtan (traditional yogic chanting on the harmonium), music in all of its forms, weightlifting, mobility, poetry, and basically, whatever I’m excited about that week. My belief is consistent inspiration is key and enthusiasm is contagious. You can influence a yogi to deadlift heavy and encourage an athlete to develop a breathing practice if you’re excited about it.

In the early days, YogiWOD.com offered weekly videos to help athletes develop a sport specific yoga practice. These videos are still available on the site and our YouTube channel: YouTube.com/YogiWOD. Beginning next month we will release brand new content in a click and play format designed to follow along in your home or gym for 10-minutes at a time. My goal is to make the practice accessible and fun while remaining complimentary to your workouts. Stay tuned for this.

In the meantime, I’ll be releasing short, daily practices complete with music pairings created for athletes and “real people” looking for a hit of yoga, restoration, and joy in their daily life. You can find these on my Instagram page @debbiesteingesser . This concept was inspired by Adrian Bozman’s unique fitness programming @tuxedo_social_club on Instagram. I encourage you to follow both and let us know how you feel! See you on the mat or under a pull-up bar soon.

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