My Prediction That Trump Will Resign By August 18th Has Been Revised To July 15th
Allan Ishac

Ok. First of all, I am relatively happily married. It depends on the day. Second of all, I dislike children. Very much..;)) id never hurt one, though!!!

After reading not only this, but some more of your writing, I only have one question…

May I have your babies????

Oh, and if you ever want to have coffee, I live right outside of Key West. In a converted pot smuggling warehouse in the middle of a mangrove swamp. ( yes we checked)..But my husband recently taught me how to take my boat out by myself. So I’m usually on the ocean every day, but I suppose coffee would work out there as well.

Humor is the only thing, as well as boating, keeping me sane these days. Thank you for contributing to my sanity. And I want nothing to do with babies. That was just a joke. I do have three awesome rescue dogs though….;)))

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