A message for my colleagues, inspired by Hoosiers
Senator Todd Young

Hello, as a fairly new resident of Indiana, I wanted to meet my representatives. I’m happy to see that you seem to support many of the same principles as I do. If only we could have many, many more who would put aside their personal ideologies and use common sense to help set this country back on the right path. I’m afraid for the future; my husband and I are retiring this summer and even though we have saved for our retirement, seniors have a hard time sometimes making ends meet. But, actually, I’m most concerned with the influx of Islamic refugees who I see as a real danger to our Christian way of life. I’m not against immigration in an orderly, and limited fashion, but all these refugees are frankly, frightening.

Thank you for your speech. I hope many will take the time to actually think about what you said and maybe it’ll make a difference. These are confusing times, for sure. Deb Cinnamon, Sellersburg, IN.

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