Parents; Perfect.

Story-teller by birth, mother by choice.

Sitting on the couch with my laptop and a cup of coffee would be more than enough to regard the day as “best”. But today was a bit different-
I not only had my favorite gadget and coffee, but also my mom, who had the day off owing to Christmas’ eve. We hadn’t conversed in days. So, I made full use of the opportunity. I kept my laptop aside and talked to her about the wonderful weather outside. She said she was feeling the cold, so I got her a blanket, and then began her story-telling (which happens to be the best part of my childhood):

To begin in the most cliched manner,
Once upon a time, there was a young girl who was very beautiful and was naturally wooed by the handsome hunks of her school. She was a very good dancer, a great daughter to her parents and also the most amazing sister to her brothers (four of’em). She was mediocre in studies and also wanted to learn the Harmonium (which her dad never gave her). Regardless, her life was mundane enough- getting up early, doing the household chores, attending school, then returning home to studies. The day would end with her, cooking for the family, washing the utensils and finally going to bed.

This girl did not pay heed to any guy, which is evident from the fact that she usually didn’t get time for anything outside her routine. But then, one day, she saw a guy- not handsome, but smart, dark in complexion but he had, to quote my mom, “good feet”. He was the class-topper but he wasn’t quite like the other toppers who only studied. Rather, he was the captain of the school cricket team, a good sports-person and a very kind human being. She, eventually, fell for him and they started seeing each other- yes, she managed to get time out of her daily work-load.

High school ends and their relationship is already a year old. They move to different states for their graduation, and due to lack of mobile phones back then, they had almost no contact. The guy was head over heels in love with her and the distance added on to it. After graduation, he does his masters and also his M.Phil. but couldn’t do a Ph.D. owing to financial crisis in his family. So, he returns to his home town, finally to his beloved but to his utter shock, he visits her place only to know that she had been married and had already had twins.

He left the place unsatisfied. He,too, was married off to a Bengali girl three years hence. The girl he was married to happened to be very lovable and brought him out of his disillusionment and made him realize how wonderful love actually is. They had a son a year later and that made their bond even more meaningful.

With that, my mom concluded and left a smile on my face. I inquired the name of the guy and the girl to which she replied, “You’re the child, son.”

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