LinkedIn — Build Relationships by Tagging

Did you know that LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to target communications to specific groups of your connections in your LinkedIn network? This allows you to share content that you know specific groups of your network would be interested in learning about. It also is a great way to remember where or how you met that connection. I have found it to be a great way to build stronger relationships with that individual or group of people.

The feature is called a “tag.” To add a tag to a connection, simply click on “connections,” search for the contact you wish to tag and click on “tag.” You can also tag a group of connections by selecting them, and choosing “tag” in the menu above the connections. LinkedIn has a few tags built in such as colleagues, former colleagues and friends, but you can create your own tags. In addition, you are able to add multiple tags to a contact.

Once you click on “connections” in the LinkedIn menu, you are able to filter your connections by your “tags.” Need to refer a HIPAA privacy expert to one of your healthcare clients and can’t remember who you might know? No need to wade through all of your LinkedIn connections looking to see who is an expert, simply filter using the “tag” HIPAA to find the HIPAA experts in your network.

You can also use tags to send mass messages via LinkedIn. Filter your list by a “tag,” click “select all,” enter a subject line and your message. Before you click the Send Message button, remove the check in the box next to “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses.” You can also add an attachment. Note, you can only send the same message to 25 tagged contacts at once.

How do you use LinkedIn tags?

Originally published on the International Legal Technology Association Connected Community blog.