The Gang Initiative

Within the past few months many hip-hop songs and artist have started using gang slang, terms, and even hand signals. The use of these terms and actions so nonchalantly has caused the youth to think it’s okay to just go around throwing them up when half of these people don’t even know what they’re throwing up. People have also made viral videos of them throwing up gang signs to “Imma Ride” by Rich Homie Quan and they don’t even know what he is talking about. Most people who do know what they’re doing and what the signs represent, haven’t even attempted to be apart of this sick trend.

I feel like if people didn’t glamorize gang life and hype it up as much as they do now a days, no one would be inclined to follow a trend they know nothing about. Being a part of a gang is not something to be proud of. Most older people in a gang would get out if the opportunity presented itself. So, if the older member already in the gang don’t want to stay in why would you want to subject yourself to being a part of something that hurts their own members, but say you’re family.

On a more positive side, there are rappers in the industry such as The Game and T.I. who do not want their kids or any kids in general to fall into such a chaotic and dangerous lifestyle. Like most people, they would do it for the quick money, but quick money is not always good money. If you have to risk your life for it on the daily, why would you want to pursue that money at all. Having music that doesn’t encourage people of any age to join gangs should be widely promoted instead of encouraging us to throw up gang signs that we have no idea what their meanings are or the consequences behind them. I know it seems like the trend or the cool thing to do but if people did not put so much emphasis on the gang lifestyle being cool or fashionable then the number of people joining would diminish and people would see that risking your life is not cool either.