Reflections on the past

Time has flown by incredibly quickly. I remember like it was only yesterday arriving in London to start studying at Goldsmiths. The weather wasn't great (but is it ever in London) and the student halls were not what one would call inspiring but the atmosphere was buzzing with hope and ambitions. Its now been almost three years. Three years of successes and failures, ideas explored and best forgotten, friends made and events attended.

I find myself preparing for my end of year exhibition. At the moment they're nothing but ideas. Small and quick to change and mayhaps even trivial. I know, however, that by Christmas I will have fallen in love with one of these little ideas and it will grow. It will be nurtured and hopefully it will turn into an absolutely beautiful piece come May.

Last year I based my work on Latvian patterns. Finally managing to find a way back home to what I love and believe in. Studying digital arts has been amazing and I have learned so very much but none of the projects felt fully personal or meaningful until last year. Bringing my culture and my beliefs that my people have cherished and guarded for thousands of years into the modern age felt marvelous. This year I hope to achieve something similar.