My kid got super pissed off. What he did next isn’t clickbait.

I’m a bit confused. While I agree that it’s good he eventually apologized and acknowledged he knew what he’d done wrong, the very fact that he screamed, cursed and grabbed a fork out of your hand, throwing it on the floor is concerning. Especially since you were silent, allowing this to happen. I have 2 sons, now grown with families of their own, and this would never have passed as a good thing in our house. Yes, arguments happen and daily frustrations cause anger. But, this was abusive. Perhaps his father modeled abusive behavior, which explains why you were so quiet about it all. Would his employer or teacher allow this behavior? I think a little more talking needs to be done about his explosive anger, which will hopefully make him think in the future. He is still young enough to be working on his behaviors and will grow to be a better man.

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